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Virident, OCZ and BiTMicro announce new SSD gear

Virident and OCZ rolled out new solid-state drives, while BiTMicro announced its new two-tier architecture for its I/O accelerators and SSDs.

Virident Systems and OCZ Technology Group Inc. each rolled out new lineups of solid-state drives recently, while BiTMicro Networks Inc. announced its new two-tier architecture for its upcoming line of I/O accelerators and SSDs.

Virident rolls out latest enterprise-class SSDs

Virident Systems has announced that its new FlashMax II Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) SSDs are now available for enterprises. The new drives support Linux, Windows and VMware Inc. ESXi and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments for running virtual machines and virtualized desktops, according to Virident. Pricing begins at $6,000.

The company said FlashMax II PCIe SSDs have capacities of 550 GB, 1.1 TB and 2.2 TB. The FlashMax II uses multilevel cell memory for its 550 GB, 1.1 TB and 2.2 TB models, although a second 1.1 TB model is available with single-level cell memory.

Virident said the card's use of "flash-aware" RAID allows multiple failures without an application's access to data being interrupted. The new drives also include global and local wear leveling to prolong an SSD's life, Virident said. The FlashMax II uses the company's vFAS software, which allows the drive to relocate data to areas of the flash device that are less used.

OCZ offers new SSD and controller

OCZ Technology Group released its SATA III-based Vector series of SSDs, and the company said the lineup is aimed at notebooks and desktop machines running Windows, Apple or Linux operating systems.

Vector SSDs use multi-level cell (MLC) memory and are offered in 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB capacities with a 2.5-inch form factor, according to the company. The drives have TRIM and garbage collection to help prolong the life of the drives. The units also have the Indilinx Barefoot 3 controller, according to OCZ. The controller can use special flash management tools to prolong the lifespan of the drives' MLC memory and allow them to handle 20 GB of host writes each day for five years, OCZ said.

The units also come with a 3.5-inch desktop drive slot adapter; to help with data migration from an existing drive, the company includes a registration key for Acronis cloning software, OCZ said.

BiTMicro announces two-tier architechture

BiTMicro announced recently that its new Talino ASIC architecture will be used for the company's upcoming maxIO assortment of I/O accelerators and SSDs.

The new Talino SSD controllers can reach up to 400,000 random IOPS at 4 KB, and they include support for XOR RAID, power management, AES-XTS (ciphertext stealing) encryption, and data protection features. The upcoming drives are expected to support PCIe, NVMe and SAS interfaces, according to the company.

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