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SugarSync, Maginatics, others add online file syncing features

SugarSync, Maginatics, FileLocker and CodeTwo all added new or updated online file syncing products over the past few weeks.

Online file sharing and collaboration technology continues to evolve and grow rapidly, with SugarSync, Maginatics, InfraScale and CodeTwo all bringing out new or updated products over the past few weeks.

SugarSync 2 goes beta, gets new look

SugarSync Inc. released a redesigned version of the software for its cloud-based file-syncing service. SugarSync 2.0's enhancements focus on making it easier to use, with a new user interface.

"We were always criticized because the tool took too long to set up, get up and running. We are considered the most powerful and flexible, but not the most easy to use," said Robb Henshaw, SugarSync's director of corporate communications. "So, we went back to the drawing board, so now the product looks more like a Skype desktop application instead of a Mac FileFinder."

The application has three new tabs that focus on cloud, sharing and activity. A new drag-and-drop feature makes it easier to move files and folders to sync up with the cloud instead of several steps being required, as in the old version. The share tab allows users to share individual files and folders as a public link without the recipient needing to sign up for SugarSync. Users can email the link to the other recipients even if they don't subscribe to SugarSync. There is also a new search button for quicker access to files.

Maginatics expands cloud ecosystem

Maginatics Inc. upgraded its MagFS online file sharing software platform, adding support for Android mobile devices and more cloud storage providers.

The company now supports HP Cloud Object Storage, Rackspace Cloud Files, Microsoft Azure, AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service, and Telecom Italia Data Space. Maginatics supported only Amazon S3 when it came out of stealth in August. The new MagFS version also has native support for devices running the Android operating system, along with the previously announced support for iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux.

MagFS software includes a cloud gateway distributed to every device as a native lightweight client. The gateway does a "handshake" between the client and the server to access data from the cloud.

InfraScale focuses on security cloud collaboration

SOS Online Backup has become InfraScale and has introduced a new file and folder synchronization and collaboration service. FileLocker encrypts data locally, in transit and again in the cloud. It stores files with two layers of encryption, one controlled by FileLocker, the other by the user. Files encrypted locally require a passphrase known only to the user; then they are transferred over a 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer connection, encrypted again and stored in the FileLocker cloud.

Customers also can run FileLocker on a private cloud inside their own firewall instead of in the FileLocker cloud. FileLocker is free for the first five users, up to 5 GB per user. After that, it costs $5 per month per user for unlimited cloud storage.

InfraScale consists of SOS Online Backup, FileLocker and an Enterprise Protect disaster recovery failover service scheduled to launch in January.

CodeTwo add 'cloudless' Internet sharing

CodeTwo Co. has upgraded its Public Folder 5.0 software for online file syncing of Microsoft mail and files. A direct link feature has been added that lets companies share Outlook items and Windows files across a local network or the Internet without using a public or private cloud.

CodeTwo claims "cloudless" sharing provides a safer and easier way to share and sync files. It encrypts files before they hit the Internet, then decrypts them on each individual computer.

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