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Egnyte Inc. chases cloud file sharing into the enterprise

Egnyte Inc. aims its EgnytePlus cloud file sharing at enterprises seeking a hybrid approach to placing files on-premises and online.

Egnyte Inc. today launched its EgnytePlus enterprise file-sharing platform certified to work with storage from IBM, NetApp Inc., Netgear Inc. and Synology Inc.

EgnytePlus online file sharing has also increased syncing capabilities compared with the previous Egnyte platform. EgnytePlus can support 5 million users per server and upload data at 25 MB per second (MBps). Previously, Egnyte supported 1 million users and 4 MBps.

Egnyte claims its primary differentiator is a hybrid cloud approach that allows customers to keep a local copy of data on-premises while syncing a copy to the cloud.

Until now, the vendor has focused on the small and medium-sized business market, but Egnyte CEO Vineet Jain said he's finding interest in cloud file sharing among larger organizations.

"We're being pulled more and more into larger enterprises," Jain said. "There's a big difference in approach. The dynamics change as we go up the food chain. The enterprise is designed to be the thoroughbred, so we're building our software to optimize what they require."

EgnytePlus uses a tiered approach for enterprise storage systems. The mobile tier function allows end-to-end single sign-on support from the mobile device to the cloud and password authentication. There are also sharing, replication and archiving tiers. Using a combination of on-premises and cloud storage, EgnytePlus enables multi-tiered disaster recovery plans that include N+1 redundant backup and replication across cloud platforms, such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and storage devices owned by users. Speed and file-syncing support are enabled via the replication tier and sharing tier, respectively.

Egnyte uses NetApp's native application programming interfaces to create a better communication path between devices and storage. EgnytePlus supports NetApp FAS unified storage, as well as the IBM N Series (an OEM version of NetApp FAS) and DS Series, Netgear ReadyNAS and ReadyDATA, and Synology DiskStation.

Marcos Sanchez, Egnyte's senior director of marketing, said some storage partners are also pushing Egnyte's file sharing to their customers. That should help the vendor compete with more than 30 other online file sharing companies on the market. "The enterprise is a big focus for us," he said. "The goal here is to up the ante. We want to stay competitive."

Other online file sharing companies include Box, Citrix ShareFile, Dropbox Inc., Nomadix Inc., SugarSync Inc., Syncplicity Inc. and YouSendIt Inc.

Egnyte claims its primary differentiator is a hybrid cloud approach that allows customers to keep a local copy of data on-premises while syncing a copy to the cloud. With online file sharing, users can collaborate in real time across multiple teams and offices, while files can be backed up to the cloud with remote replication, immediate online data recovery and data encryption. No virtual private network or FTP is required, and files can be synced across multiple storage systems.

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