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Storage Radio: Gore invests in Greenbytes all-flash storage

Former Vice President Al Gore is investing $12 million through the venture capital firm he co-founded into startup flash vendor Greenbytes.

All-flash storage has been grabbing a lot of headlines recently, and now former Vice President Al Gore is getting...

in on the action through the venture capital firm he co-founded to invest $12 million into startup flash vendor Greenbytes.

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Storage Radio: Gore invests in Greenbytes all-flash storage

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Gore, who was the subject of the 2006 environmental film “An Inconvenient Truth,” is investing in a technology that flash vendors frequently call “green” because of flash’s lower power consumption when compared to spinning disk. But is environmental concern the only reason for the investment? Listen in as executive editor Ellen O’Brien and senior news director Dave Raffo dig into Gore’s Greenbytes investment in this week’s podcast.

And assistant site editor Fran Sales gives us the highlights from Todd Erickson’s latest story on I/O virtualization, starting with Texas company NextIO’s V-series products, which use high-speed PCIe virtualization technology rather than Infiniband to share I/O resources. In the NextIO setup, PCIe pass-through cards replace traditional server I/O cards, and connect to the NextIO appliance, which virtualizes the cards so they can be used by up to 30 servers.

Todd also talks about NextIO rival Xsigo, the other leader in the rapidly shrinking I/O virtualization space.  Xsigo is taking advantage of growing virtualization and interest in Infiniband with its Xsigo I/O Director, connecting x86 servers to storage and network devices. LA-based cloud service provider dinCloud took advantage of Infiniband technology and installed two I/O Directors in each data center, connecting them to Mellanox’s Infiniband switches to consolidate server connections. dinCloud’s CTO said this allowed him to be more flexible in managing and provisioning network resources.

And assistant site editor John Hilliard gives us the lowdown from the blogs, including from WSJ’s All Things D site, Apple CEO Tim Cook talks with Walter Mossberg and Kara Swisher about the current state of the IT juggernaut, which includes a discussion on Apple’s much-maligned manufacturing operations in China and whether Apple will bring manufacturing back to the states.

Meanwhile, big data could become big business in Massachusetts, as chip-making giant Intel and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will partner to develop new tools for managing ever-growing amounts of information.

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