EMC conference opens with VMAX, Data Domain upgrades

On the opening day of EMC World 2012, the storage vendor launched upgrades throughout its storage platform portfolio, led by a new VMAX array.

LAS VEGAS -- EMC World 2012 opened today with a massive product launch, as EMC made upgrades to its VMAX, VNX, Isilon, Data Domain and Atmos platforms. The EMC conference, drawing an estimated 10,000 customers, also will focus on software and channel programs to help facilitate building storage clouds.

The initial EMC conference announcements swept across most of the company product lines – but many of the launches were incremental additions to existing products and services.

EMC’s new VMAX 40K high-end enterprise SAN array was the most significant product rollout. As SearchStorage.com reported earlier this month, the 40K is the largest system in the VMAX family, with a maximum of 40 PB of usable capacity. Other enhancements to the VMAX platform include new configurations with 2.5-inch SAS and enterprise multi-level cell (eMLC) flash drives and a new version of the Enginuity operating software that runs across all VMAX configurations.

Other storage platform upgrades announced on opening day of the EMC conference include:

A new VNXe unified storage, the VNXe3150, with improved performance and capacity over previous VNXe systems. EMC is promising to lower the purchase price for flash tiers in the VNX platform. The vendor hasn’t provided many details yet but the platform will allow customers mix RAID types within a storage pool – for instance, RAID 5 for flash and RAID 6 for nearline SAS. EMC also added an AppSync feature for protecting virtualized Microsoft applicants with VNX, and the EMC Storage Analytics Suite based on VMware’s vCenter Operations Management Suite.

Performance and scaling enhancements to the Vplex federated storage platform were also made, along with the ability to run EMC’s Recovery Point data replication software with Vplex. EMC also integrated Vplex with VMware vSphere Storage APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA) and VMware vSphere Storage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI), allowing customers to manage Vplex features from vSphere.

A high-end Data Domain deduplication disk backup target system, the DD990, was also introduced. EMC added software to extend Data Domain’s archiving capabilities for extended retention and regulatory compliance,  and the company tweaked its Avamar client-side dedupe software, adding support for SAP, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server 2012, and expanding support for Oracle and Microsoft Hyper-V in Avamar 6.1.

The next-generation Isilon OneFS scale-out NAS operating system, code-named “Mavericks,” now delivers more than 100 GB per second throughput and reduces latency by 50% for I/O-intense applications, according to EMC. OneFS now also has roles-based administration to separate storage administration and file system access for better security, and push-button failover and failback.

On the cloud-building front, EMC’s new DataBridge management software lets customers create customizable dashboards for IT-as-a-service operations. Customers can create DataBridge widgets by combining data from EMC and other products using REST APIs, SOAP and JAVA programmable interfaces, XML, Microsoft SQL, SharePoint lists and Excel files. Customers can drag and drop DataBridge widgets from a library to build dashboards.

EMC claims performance, availability and security improvements for its Atmos object-based cloud storage platform. New segmentation capabilities allow for the separation of management and data traffic for users and administrators.

Also new at EMC World 2012 are the Velocity Cloud Builder and Cloud Provider practices that let service providers design, build and manage public clouds based on EMC technology. The Cloud Provider Practice is for partners who want to operate branded cloud offerings. EMC is also launching Cooperative Services specifically designed for service providers. The first Cooperative Services will be available for health checks and assessments on EMC technology platforms with Cooperative Services for virtual infrastructures to follow later this year.

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