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Synology releases new DiskStation NAS Server

Synology announces newest addition to DiskStation NAS Server lineup, DiskStation DS1512+, promising faster read and writes, and greater scalability.

Synology Inc. announced this week its newest addition to the company’s DiskStation NAS Server lineup that includes faster read and writes, as well as greater scalability, over its predecessor.

Synology’s DS 1511+, offers support for VMware, Citrix and Microsoft Hyper-V, USB 3.0, iSCSI, average read speeds of 200.31 MB per second and write speeds of 194.83 MB per second, and can scale up to 60 TB. It also supports up to 3 GB of RAM and continues the basic five-bay design used in the earlier DS 1511+, according to the company.

The earlier model scaled to 45 TB (though both units support up to 15 drives), and comes with average read speeds of 197.8 MB per second and write speeds of 165.91 MB per second, said Synology.

The DS1512+ relies on the Synology DiskStation Manager operating system that the company says is aimed to SMBs. DSM supports point-in-time backups, supports up to 100,000 domains for users and groups, as well as granular, “NTFS-style” file-level permissions, according to Synology.

The DS1512+’s pricepoint is “under $800,” the company said.

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