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Iomega upgrades SMB NAS with server-class drives, management features

Iomega introduced its new line of PX SMB NAS devices with server-class SATA drives, cloneable device configuration, and power management features.

Iomega Corp., today ships its StorCenter PX Server Class Series of SMB NAS devices that support 3 TB SATA drives, solid-state drives (SSDs), as well as software enhancements for management and data protection that the company says is better suited for business use than its SOHO and prosumer systems.

Iomega, which EMC Corp., purchased in 2008, first launched its PX NAS line last May. But the server class line includes a new version of EMC LifeLine software with power management and data protection features.

The new PX series will offer enterprise-class 1 TB, 2 TB, and 3 TB drives.

Jay Krone, Iomega’s senior director of Network Storage Products, said that Iomega is positioning the PX series as the company’s business line for smaller organizations up to about 250 users, which he says in the entry point for EMC’s VNXe series.

“We’re really looking at more traditional server-storage environments in small business with this series of products,” Krone said.

The upgraded LifeLine software includes configurable backup and restore, which allows customers to save StorCenter device configurations and clone them to other devices for quick deployment in branch and retail offices. Iomega also incorporated the Linux Tuxera XFS distribution into the LifeLine OS, which Krone said could increase file system performance by 30%.

The upgraded software also includes two new power management features. Scheduled Power lets users create power management schedules for activating StorCenter devices one-time or recurring events. The other feature, Wake-On-LAN, activates StorCenter devices by signaling the device over a network.

The PX Server Class platform also supports encrypted volumes, which let users encrypt blocks and files that require a password to read.

The new Iomega systems also support EMC’s Atmos cloud storage platform. The SMB devices can connect to any private or public cloud using the Atmos object-storage platform.

According to Benjamin S. Woo, the program vice president for IDC’s worldwide storage systems research, the PX Server Class Series includes enterprise-like features passed down from EMC.

“They successfully built a lot of enterprise functionality into this release,” Woo said. “There are some really smart things in there to take [the PX series] to the next [level].”

Woo pointed to the cloneable backup and recovery feature as an important upgrade because it makes it easier to incorporate data protection without requiring a backup specialist.

The series is available in desktop or rackmounted configurations. The desktop px4-300d starts at $699.99 and the desktop px6-300d starts at $899.99. The rackmount px4-300r array Array Server Class Series starts at $1,699.99, while the rackmount px12-350r entry price is $4,999.99.

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