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STEC improves SSD endurance in ZeusIOPS, other data storage news

STEC bumps up SSD endurance to 33 PB with latest ZeusIOPS drive, HP adds midrange Windows-based NAS, ArcMail delivers new cloud storage gateway and more data storage news.

STEC Inc. expanded its ZeusIOPS solid-state drive (SSD) family with the ZeusIOPS XE (Extreme Endurance) SSD. STEC claims the multi-level cell (MLC) flash drive can last for 30 full-capacity writes per day for five years because of its CellCare technology designed to improve SSD endurance.

ZeusIOPS XE fully writes approximately 33 PB of data over the working life of a 600 GB drive, manages the wear of the drive and incorporates STEC’s Secure Array of Flash Elements (S.A.F.E.) technology to prevent data loss from MLC flash. STEC CellCare is designed to proactively manage the way the flash wears, and advanced error correction code (ECC) techniques protect against media errors and improve endurance for write-intensive workloads without a performance hit.

HP adds Windows NAS

Hewlett-Packard (HP) Co. launched the HP X5000 G2 Network Storage System, a network-attached storage (NAS) system based on Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 with Microsoft Cluster Server for high availability. The XP5000 G2 starts with 8 TB and the 3U device holds up to 32 TB, and can scale to 128 TB with expansion shelves. The system supports iSCSI and includes Microsoft’s built-in deduplication, replication and BranchCache for storing local versions of frequently accessed files so they don’t have to be moved across a wide-area network.

ArcMail rolls out cloud storage gateway

ArcMail Technology Inc. rolled out the ArcMail Defender Cloud Storage Gateway for long-term retention of data on public cloud storage. The gateway indexes and stores up to 8 TB of data locally, and stores the rest of an organization’s archive data with a cloud storage provider. It provides search capability; encrypts source data; and works with storage-area networks (SANs), file systems and service providers Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files and Microsoft Windows Azure.

NetApp and Iron Mountain team up for health care cloud services

NetApp and Iron Mountain Inc. are combining for a cloud-based service for medical data archiving and disaster recovery (DR). The collaboration will integrate NetApp StorageGRID object storage software with Iron Mountain’s Digital Record Center for Medical Images. Iron Mountain is the only health care-focused member of the NetApp Service Provider Partner Program.

Infortrend adds automated storage tiering to ESVA solution

Infortrend has added sub-volume automated storage tiering to its midrange Enterprise Scalable Virtualized Architecture (ESVA) storage family. ESVA's automated storage tiering software migrates data between solid-state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drive tiers based on usage patterns and user-configured policies.

Iomega network storage products VMware Ready

EMC’s Iomega Corp. said its line of Iomega StorCenter PX series network storage products have been tested and certified as VMware Ready for use with servers running vSphere 5. The Iomega StorCenter px12-350r Network Storage Array has been tested and certified as an iSCSI and NAS/NFS storage target. Other Iomega StorCenter PX series models are certified as iSCSI storage targets, and are still undergoing testing and certification as NAS/NFS storage targets.

Seagate bumps up flash cache in hybrid drive

Seagate launched its second-generation of Momentus XT hybrid solid-state drive for laptops and PCs. The Momentus XT uses a flash cache along with its hard disk drive. Seagate’s Adaptive Memory technology identifies usage patterns and moves the most frequently retrieved information to solid-state memory for faster access. Seagate claims the new Momentus XT is nearly 70% faster than the previous version. It's a 750 GB 6 Gbps SATA drive with 8 GB of single-level cell (SLC) flash -- twice the flash in the previous Momentus XT drive.

TwinStrata adds support for Rackspace Cloud

Cloud storage gateway TwinStrata Inc. added support for the Rackspace Cloud Files online cloud storage service. TwinStrata is featured in Rackspace’s Cloud Tools Program, and Cloud Files customers can spin up a TwinStrata CloudArray virtual appliance when capacity is needed.

DriveTime integrates EMC Symmetrix VMAX storage systems

Phoenix-based used car deal DriveTime installed an EMC Symmetrix VMAX enterprise SAN as its primary storage system, and added EMC Avamar backup software and RecoverPoint replication to protect its VMware virtual server environment.

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