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DataDirect Networks upgrades Web Object Scaler, more data storage news

DataDirect Networks tunes up its WOS object storage platform by adding scalability, cloud storage management features and erasure code protection; and more data storage news.

DataDirect Networks (DDN) Inc. released an upgrade to its Web Object Scaler (WOS) storage system, adding replication, erasure code data protection, and multi-tenancy and billing support.

The WOS 2.0 object storage platform scales to 2 PB in one 4U 60-drive frame, and to 23 PB and 25 billion objects in a cluster. DDN claims its asynchronous and synchronous replication allows up to 55 object retrievals and 23 billion object writes per day. WOS 2.0 supports NFS, Amazon S3 and WebDAV interfaces, while the multi-tenancy and billing features enable service providers and enterprises to manage public and private storage clouds. DDN’s new ObjectAssure feature uses erasure codes to allow a WOS node to withstand two concurrent drive failures without loss of data.

NEC adds SAN, data deduplication backup box

NEC Corp. of America launched its M100 SAN and upgraded its HydraStor HS3 data deduplication system. The M100 supports 8 Gbps Fibre Channel (FC) and iSCSI block storage, and 100 GB and 400 GB solid-state drives (SSDs). It uses Intel’s 3420 “Jasper Forest” chipset. The M100 replaces NEC’s D3 FC and D3i iSCSI systems. The HydraStor HS3-310 “mini-Hydra” is a single-node system that scales to 12 TB. NEC claims the HS3-310 can handle inline deduplication and compression at 2.1 TB per hour. Customers can upgrade to a larger HydraStor HS8-3000 by adding nodes to the mini-Hydra.

Quest adds dedupe for vRanger

Quest Software Inc. released details of its Quest vRanger 5.3 application for virtual data protection. vRanger 5.3 includes NetVault SmartDisk deduplication and Recovery Manager application-level recovery from Quest’s acquisition of BakBone Software a year ago. The upgraded VRanger also supports VMware’s vSphere 5 and full integration with Recovery Manager for SharePoint (RMSP) for single-step recovery, and Recovery Manager for Exchange (RME). vRanger 5.3 will be available in Q4 of 2011.

QStar, Tandberg combine for archiving

QStar Technologies Inc. and Tandberg Data have developed an easily searchable archive system, combining QStar’s software with Tandberg’s RDX removable hard drives. Using Tandberg’s RDX QuikStation LTO library emulation mode, QStar’s HSM Archive Management software shows multiple RDX cartridges as a single share or mount point. Users can search and retrieve archived files on the single mount point.

Toshiba launches 300-gig SAS drive

The Toshiba Storage Products Business Unit has launched a 300 GB 2.5-inch 15,000 rpm enterprise-class drive. The Toshiba MK01GRRB/R 6Gbps SAS drives offer drive-based encryption for security.

Seagate says Thailand flood disrupts supply chain

Disk drive vendor Seagate Technology said its factories in Thailand are operational and there are no logistical issues with employees reaching its factories due to severe flooding. However, Seagate said the hard disk drive component supply chain has been disrupted and it expects that certain components will be constrained, although it's unclear what the magnitude of the disruption will be.

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