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Oracle adds multi-tenancy, replication to Pillar Axiom software

Oracle upgrades Pillar Axiom software with multi-tenancy, replication and migration features; Caringo and Coraid combine object and block storage; and more data storage news.

Oracle Corp. made the first major product release for its Pillar Axiom storage system since it acquired Pillar in July, adding multi-tenancy, storage management, data replication and migration features to the storage array’s software.

Pillar Axiom Release 5 Software includes Storage Domains, MaxMan and MaxRep capabilities. Storage Domains let customers separate application and workload data in an array to provide multi-tenancy and improved security. MaxMan lets administrators manage Axiom systems from a single Java-based interface, and comes preconfigured with storage management policy profiles for Oracle Database and other applications. MaxRep enables synchronous and asynchronous replication for data migration and disaster recovery. The new software is available with Pillar Axiom 600 systems, and is compatible with legacy Axiom 500 and 300 arrays.

Caringo, Coraid combine object and block storage

Caringo Inc. said its CAStor object-based storage now supports Coraid’s EtherDrive Ethernet-based storage systems. Customers using Caringo can now write to Coraid’s storage systems, which use the ATA over Ethernet (AoE) protocol. Caringo and Coraid say their partnership provides unified scale-out block and object storage.

Intel rolls out MLC enterprise SSDs

Intel Corp. launched the Solid-State Drive 710 Series of multi-level cell (MLC) solid-state drives (SSDs), replacing its single-level cell (SLC) X25-E Extreme SSD family. The SSD 710 also uses Intel’s 25-nanometer NAND flash memory with Intel High Endurance Technology (HET) to improve endurance and performance of MLC. Intel claims the SSD 710 achieves write endurance of up to 1.1 PB with a 2,700 IOPS random write performance and 38,500 random read performance. The SSD 710 comes in 100 GB, 200 GB and 300 GB capacities.

Imation adds speedier docking station for RDX drives

Imation Corp. launched its RDX USB 3.0 direct attached docking station for its eight-bay RDX A8 Hard Disk Storage Library. The SuperSpeed docking station supports data transfer rates of 200 MBps for the vendor’s RDX removable hard disk platform.

Atempo adds LTFS compatibility

Atempo Inc. made its Atempo Digital Archive (ADA) file archiving solution compatible with the Linear Tape File System (LTFS) platform. LTFS is an open-source data format that provides a file system interface to data stored on LTO-5 tape media, making it easier to use tape to archive and retrieve files.

Minnesota institute bulks up with Dell Terascala HPC storage

The Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (MSI) added 550 TB of usable disk space for its flagship Itasca system with the addition of a Dell Terascala HPC Storage Solution (HSS). The system is a Lustre appliance that includes hardware, file system, the Terascala ISIS management solution and 360 2 TB disk drives. It's connected to MSI’s Itasca HP Linux cluster with HP ProLiant blade servers and 40 GBps InfiniBand switches. It consists of 8,728 cores and 24 TB of main memory.

NetApp donates storage systems to schools

NetApp Inc. began its Education Donation Program this week. The vendor said it will donate FAS3100 storage systems to higher education and K-12 schools through the end of 2011. The donations include support and services.

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