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STEC, OCZ roll out PCI Express SSD cards; more data storage news

STEC adds PCIe solid-state ASIC plus SSD caching software while OCZ upgrades its PCIe device; HDS claims its Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) has 1,400 customers; more storage news.

Solid-state drive (SSD) vendor STEC Inc. launched its first PCI Express (PCIe) product and an SSD caching software application that can work with any SSD product on the market.

Kronos PCI Express integrates PCIe and flash technologies onto a server-based application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC)-based card. The PCI Express SSD cards offload some of the read and write processes from the CPU, speeding performance and freeing the CPU for other functions. STEC’s EnhanceIO SSD Cache Software works with any server and all SAS, SATA, Fibre Channel (FC) or PCIe SSD device to accelerate applications running in Windows, Linux or VMware environments.

OCZ Technology launches Z-Drive PCI Express SSD card

OCZ Technology Group Inc. released its Z-Drive Revision 4 (R4) PCI Express SSD card. The Z-Drive R4 product line features OCZ’s second-generation proprietary Virtualized Controller Architecture (VCA) 2.0, a virtualization layer that works with the OCZ SuperScale Storage Controller to manage internal functions such as OCZ’s queue-balancing algorithms.

HDS reveals Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) customers

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Corp. said it has shipped more than 1,400 Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) systems since the enterprise storage array launched last year. VSP customers include Seattle Children’s Hospital, the GRZ IT Center Linz in Austria, Swiss insurance firm Schweizerische Mobiliar and Malaysian IT service provider Teliti Datacentres.

HP offers special financing for its 3PAR Utility Storage

Hewlett-Packard (HP) Co. initiated a low-rate financing program for its 3PAR Utility Storage system for customers in the United States and Canada. HP is offering two financing options for customers with a minimum purchase of $100,000. One is a three-year lease with a 0% lease rate that lets customers return the equipment, buy it or extend the lease after the original 36 months. The other option is a choice of a one-year, two-year or three-year lease that allows customers to buy the equipment for $1 at the end of the lease.

Akitio releases audio/video storage device

Akitio launched the Taurus Mini Super-S, a 2.5-inch dual-bay SATA enclosure with a built-in LCD display and two FW800 ports for daisy chaining. The new Mini Super-S features eSATA, FireWire 800 and USB 2.0 high-speed interface options. It supports RAID 0 striping for daily backups and RAID 1 mirroring to automatically create a copy of all data if a drive fails.

inVentiv Health turns to WhipTail solid-state storage

inVentiv Health Inc. has selected the WhipTail XLR8r flash-based storage array to help optimize its Citrix environment. inVentiv Health said the XLR8r helped accelerate application performance and helped the firm to stop over-provisioning spindles.

Violin Memory hires CTO

Jonathan Goldick has joined solid-state storage vendor Violin Memory Inc. as chief technology officer (CTO). Goldick previously worked at Microsoft and IBM and served as CTO of network-attached storage (NAS) vendor ONStor Inc.; he will focus on software development at Violin.

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