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Enterprise Vault data archiving software comes to cloud, social media

Enterprise Vault 10 data archiving software supports social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; Symantec to offer service for email archiving.

LAS VEGAS -- Symantec Corp. today added policy-based security as well as a hosted cloud offering and support for social media to its Enterprise Vault data archiving software.

With Enterprise Vault 10, Symantec switched to a data classification module based on its policy-based data loss prevention (DLP) technology to help customers prevent data from leaking outside the organization. The data classification module is used to tag classified data and determine how long to retain it during data archiving for information governance, email storage management and email e-discovery.

Policy-based security is based on providing the identity of authorized users and granting different levels of access for users.

Symantec launched Enterprise Vault 10 during the second day of its Vision 2011 user conference. Symantec is a legacy security vendor that acquired backup and storage management vendor Veritas Software in 2005.Since the acquisition, Symantec has added some security to its storage products but has mostly kept its storage and security products separate.

“This is an instance of Symantec doing integration between storage and security,” said Sheila Childs, research director in Gartner’s Storage Strategies and Technologies Group. “Enterprise Vault 10 has a data classification module based on the data loss prevention code.”

Enterprise Vault 10 supports Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn through integrated third-party products from Actiance, CommonDesk and Socialware. The product previously supported email, SharePoint and instant message archiving.

Data archiving software to the cloud

As with the latest version of its Backup Exec application launched Monday, Symantec has added a cloud element to Enterprise Vault. is a hosted public cloud offering with no hardware, software or plug-ins to install and maintain on the customer site.

Amit Walia, Symantec's vice president for product management, said the company is using an OEM partner to archive the data and Symantec has put its Enterprise brand on it. Enterprise is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering in which an agent is placed on a customer’s server archive data via the Internet.

Symantec said it will encrypt data in transit and at rest, and promises rapid search for

“Symantec needed a solution here,” Gartner's Childs said. “They will make a lot of noise here and it will give them a bigger presence in this market than they previously had.”

Enterprise is targeted for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and can be used in remote offices for the midmarket. It will be in beta this summer and launch in the fall.

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