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Connex, Procom upgrade NAS appliances

A pair of California-based Network Attached Storage providers have announced enhancements to their respective families of NAS devices. Connex Inc., of San Jose, has strengthened its N3000 NAS appliance with a capacity upgrade, and Procom Technology Inc., of Santa Ana, introduced major performance, management and security enhancements for its NetForce series of NAS appliances.

Connex unveiled an enhanced version of its N3000 NAS appliance doubling the capacity of the previous model.

The N3000 utilizes a 10,000-rpm Ultra SCSI disk drive to boost its storage capacity to 216G bytes. According to Connex the N3000 incorporates up to six 36G byte drives in a fault tolerant RAID 5 configuration.

The N3000's modular hardware architecture allows for simple disk upgrades and is designed for the departmental and workgroup environment.

Current N3000 users can upgrade their units by replacing the previous generation drives with higher capacity disk drives. The system also enables off-network backup using its own internal AIT-2 tape drive or through a SCSI controller that supports external tape drives or libraries.

Procom released a new software revision for its mid-range and high-end NetForce NAS appliances, which include the NetForce 1500, 2200 HA and 2500 SFT platforms.

Procom's enhanced NetForce product offerings has additional features that include support for Windows NT Access Control Lists (ACLs), a new Java-based graphical user interface, NDMP support for Legato Systems Inc.'s Budtools product and enhanced Symmetric Fault Tolerance (SFT) architecture.

The new NetForce software is optimized exclusively for storage I/O services. In its ACLs implementation, Procom said it designed the software to combine NT ACLs capabilities with UNIX permissions to form a comprehensive file security model. The new design optimizes cross-platform security while allowing NT users to access UNIX-created files and vice versa. The NetForce devices with the newly enhanced software are available at no increase in price over the first generation NAS devices.

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