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Plextor accelerates in the CD-RW race

Plextor Corp., a developer and manufacturer of CD-related equipment and software, announced the PlexWriter 12/10/32A...

internal CD-rewritable (CD-RW) drive. The new PlexWriter features 12X write, 10X rewrite and 32X max playback speeds, according to the Santa Clara, Calif.-based company.

The Plextor CD-RW drive features burn-proof technology which eliminates buffer underrun errors that occur when the source drive is not able to provide the data fast enough for the CD writer to record. This causes the data buffer to become empty, which stops the CD "burn" in its tracks. Burn-Proof compensates for slower source drives, and allows the user to run other applications without risking recording errors on the CD-RW.

The PlexWriter 12/10/32A is Windows 95/98 plug and play compatible, with support for Windows NT and 2000.

An optional purchase for the PlewxWriter is CD-ResQ, a data-disaster recovery software package that stores an entire hard disk as an image file on CD-R media, allowing for "one-step" restore.

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