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XIOtech joins drive to develop SAN standards

XIOtech Corp., a Minneapolis, Minn.- based subsidiary of Seagate Technology Inc., announced that it will commit...

significant resources to developing and implementing SAN standards through its inclusion in the Storage Networking Industry Association's (SNIA) workgroups. XIOtech's participation in SNIA is through its parent organization, Seagate, who is a voting member.

"The SNIA, of course, encourages any company to commit technical minds and products to the workgroups," said Robin Glasgow, executive director of the SNIA. "XIO Tech wanted to get certain people in, and though we haven't finalized any people or meetings yet, we definitely encourage it."

The SNIA's promotes the use of storage network systems across the IT community by accelerating the development and evolution of standards and promoting their acceptance among vendors and IT professionals. They also provide educational and informational resources to end-users.

"We felt it was important for XIOtech to contribute to the definition of SAN standards through the SNIA," said Tom Mulvaney, senior vice president of Seagate's Internet Services Group. Mulvaney says he hopes that XIOtech will bring a fresh new perspective to the SNIA and will quicken the creation of universal SAN standards.

"With SAN standards still in the evolution phase, it is crucial for us to voice our opinions and share our SAN experience with the organization that will drive the solidification of these standards," said Richard Blaschke, executive vice president of marketing for XIOtech.

XIOtech is a developer, manufacturer, and provider of integrated Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions. Their high-end storage device, Magnitude, combines the capacity and performance of individual disk drives into a virtualizd storage pool.

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