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Imation to develop Jiro Technology for Sun storage products

Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Imation Corp. announced plans for Imation to develop Jiro technology software for Sun's network storage products. Imation also announced plans to offer a range of Jiro technology development services for other network storage vendors. This announcement comes on the heels of Imation's announcement last week that it was broadening their portfolio by adapting a new storage software strategy.

The Jiro technology is based on the Java 2 platform and is designed to eliminate interoperability issues between storage systems, management software, and network devices.

"This move makes sense for Imation because Sun is one of the largest UNIX platform OEMs and Imation wants to play tag along with them by becoming the development arm for Sun's open technology platform," said Steve Widen, senior research analyst at International Data Corp. in Framingham, Mass.

Imation will initially develop Jiro technology support for Sun's storage array products, including the Sun StorEdge A5100 and A5200 storage systems, as well as Sun's storage management and data services software products. Eventually, Imation plans to extend a range of Jiro technology development services to other storage industry vendors looking to deliver Jiro technology-enabled solutions.

"Imation will be developing Jiro Management Facades to enable hardware and software to 'play' in a heterogeneous environment," said Brad Rubin, chief technology officer for Imation, data storage and information management.

According to Widen the acceleration of their product deployment is the largest benefit that Sun will see from their partnering with Imation. "Sun has had, over time, a bad track record in getting storage products out the door. Imation has a good track record in developing products and getting them out on time," he said.

According to Sun, they are in the "first engagement" or phase with Imation. Imation will begin developing the technology for later this summer and the second phase will see the rolling out of the Jiro enabled servers/devices in the second half of the calendar year.

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