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NetGear adds ReadyNAS Pro desktop SMB storage appliances

NetGear launches desktop appliances for remote office as part of its ReadyNAS SMB storage platform, along with replication software and cloud backup for data protection.

NetGear today launched the ReadyNAS Pro family of desktop SMB storage systems designed to replicate to other ReadyNAS boxes or use NetGear's cloud service for data protection.

The ReadyNAS Pro 2, ReadyNAS Pro 4 and ReadyNAS Pro 6 are two-, four- and six-bay systems that join the NetGear ReadyNAS rackmount business platform. The Pro models are for SMBs or remote offices, although the ReadyNAS rackmount family scales up to what NetGear calls medium-sized enterprises with approximately 500 users.

To distinguish its business systems from home systems, NetGear includes a five-year warranty with enterprise SATA drives, a 100 GB 12-month hybrid cloud archive subscription, and VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and data backup software certifications with the ReadyNAS Pro systems. They also support iSCSI as well as network-attached storage (NAS) and have a centralized backup option.

ReadyNAS Pro supports local backup through Acronis Inc., Symantec Corp., Quest Software, and Veeam Software backup applications or a hybrid cloud backup option through its ReadyNAS Vault service.

The ReadyNAS Pro's Replicate option handles multiple site backup and disaster recovery. NetGear director of storage marketing Drew Meyer said he expects remote sites to either use Replicate or the cloud option for data backup. Replicate works with all ReadyNAS business systems, and supports one-to-one or round-robin replication. Meyer said after the initial replication, NetGear Replicate only moves blocks that have changed to reduce bandwidth requirements.

ReadyNAS Pro 2 costs $699 for 2 TB and $899 for 4 TB, ReadyNAS Pro 4 costs $1,499 for 4 TB and $2,299 for 8 TB. ReadyNAS Pro 6 costs $1,999 for 3 TB, $2,999 for 6 TB, and $3,999 for 12 TB.

ReadyNAS Replicate licenses costs $199 per desktop and $399 per rackmount unit.

Meyer said the ReadyNAS business systems compete with EMC Corp.'s Iomega and Windows-based NAS systems from Dell and Hewlett-Packard Co.

Meyer said NetGear's goal is to make the systems "easy to install without any IT consulting staff," and one customer said that was the case with his NetGear storage.

Research firm uses ReadyNAS Pro 4 for 'meat-and-potatoes storage'

Nigel Hopkins, president of San Francisco-based market research firm Clariom Inc., said he acquired a ReadyNAS Pro 4 to go along with about 12 TB of capacity on NetGear NVX and X6 storage systems. He said he replicates between the NetGear boxes for backup.

We run through laptops with fairly high frequency, maybe once a year. This [NetGear] equipment just seems to keep going.

Nigel Hopkins
presidentClariom Inc.

Clariom purchased the X6 from Infrant in 2005 to get rid of tape. NetGear acquired Infrant in 2007.

"We essentially use these for meat-and-potatoes storage and backup," Hopkins said. "We run through laptops with fairly high frequency, maybe once a year. This [NetGear] equipment just seems to keep going."

Hopkins, who handles his own IT work, said he has two 2 TB drives on the ReadyNAS Pro. He said it's a big speed improvement over the X6 and took him only about 10 minutes to set up, but he doesn't yet take advantage of many of the NetGear features such as iSCSI and virtualization support.

"I'm not doing data crunching so it doesn't have to be super fast, but it has to be reliable," he said. "I use it to back up business data. I'm probably leaving a lot of its capability on the table because some of the management and security features are beyond what I need, but the price is good and it doesn't require much maintenance. I can manage the NAS anywhere through its Web UI.

Hopkins said in the future he may add a ReadyNAS Pro in a remote office Clariom may open in Australia/New Zealand.

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