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Symantec puts SRM applications under Veritas Operations Manager banner

Symantec consolidates Storage Foundation, Veritas Cluster Server and CommandCentral Storage SRM applications into new version of Veritas Operations Manager.

Symantec Corp. today continued the consolidation of its storage resource management applications (SRM applications) by rolling Storage Foundation, Veritas Cluster Server and Veritas CommandCentral Storage into Veritas Operations Manager (VOM). Veritas Operations Manager 3.1 is positioned as a central management console for monitoring heterogeneous applications, servers and storage.

Customers can still purchase Storage Foundation, Veritas Cluster Server and CommandCentral Storage as standalone products or buy Veritas Operations Manager for a single pane of glass console for those tools. Symantec first revealed it would consolidate SRM products in June but didn't disclose all the details around the new combined offering. Storage Foundation and Veritas Cluster Server also come in a bundled solution called Veritas Storage Foundation High Availability (SFHA) for critical applications. Symantec said it's also upgrading SFHA.

"The real shift we're making is around management itself. No one wants multiple management tools," said Niraj Zaveri, Symantec's senior manager for enterprise marketing for the Storage and Availability Management Group.

Storage Foundation is the legacy management product that includes volume manager, multipath and data migration in heterogeneous arrays. Veritas Cluster Server is used for mission-critical applications to increase high availability for servers. CommandCentral Storage is SRM software for disk arrays.

"With all these disparate software tools, what they're doing is collapsing them under one management console," said Bob Laliberte, a senior analyst at Milford, Mass.-based Enterprise Strategy Group. "What they're trying to do is make it easier to manage all environments and to provide a single pane of glass. By rolling these tools under VOM, users get more visibility from the host to the arrays. They also are adding automation to help streamline operations."

Symantec's Zaveri said Veritas Operations Manager will help end users provision storage more efficiently. It provides a more comprehensive set of built-in reports to automatically identify underutilized storage resources, track utilization within database files and map that to disks and RAID groups in the storage arrays. Veritas Operations Manager also has built-in automation so organizations can reduce manual processes in tasks such as storage provisioning, online storage migrations and thin reclamation.

Zaveri said one of the core problems Veritas Operations Manager can solve is the issue surrounding underprovisioning and overprovisioning of storage. He said the combination of reporting and Storage Foundation will let customers optimize thin storage across hundreds of servers by referencing a storage array and creating a thin reclamation job.

"Now with the reporting capability in VOM, we hope to address that barrier that's holding back usage of thin provisioning," Zaveri said. "With the reporting tool, they can see what's being utilized and what isn't being utilized. They will get alerts when they run into the underprovisioning and overprovisioning problem."

This reporting capability supports AIX, Solaris, Linux, Microsoft and VMware, as well as storage arrays from EMC, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi Data Systems, IBM and NetApp. However, Zaveri said the thin reclamation capabilities are only available for storage from vendors that take part in Symantec's Thin Reclamation API program. That includes Compellent, EMC, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard/3PAR, Hitachi Data Systems, IBM and NetApp.

Symantec is also providing customers with gold, silver and bronze service levels that let administrators attach certain storage levels and resources to applications. For instance, a gold storage service may be set up for an EMC Symmetrix V-Max with replication and thick RAID 10 on solid-state drives (SSDs), while a silver service level could be made up of a Symmetrix V-Max with replication and thin RAID 1 on Fibre Channel drives.

"This simplified the process of attaching a gold, silver or bronze level of storage to an application," Zaveri said. "It guarantees that is the storage you get."

Veritas Operations Manager 3.1 and Veritas CommandCentral 5.2 are available today, with SFHA 5.1 planned for later this year.


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