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Digitiliti DigiLibe data management system adds cloud storage features

Digitiliti Inc.'s DigiLibe 2.0 data management system adds cloud storage, multi-user log-in from the same device, secure communications and enhanced reporting.

Digitiliti Inc. today began shipping an upgrade to its DigiLibe unstructured data management system with the goal of helping customers incorporate cloud storage into data archiving.

DigiLibe Version 2.0 adds multi-user log-in from the same device, the ability for users to log-in from any computer, secure communications between the desktop and information management appliance, and enhanced reporting.

DigiLibe controls data from the desktop to storage archive. It consists of a desktop agent, an Information Director appliance and an archive information store. The desktop client captures data by file type and does an initial dedupe before sending it to the Information Director. The appliance, available with 3 TB or 10 TB capacity, categorizes the data, does another deduplication and indexes it for local searching. The data can remain in the Information Director or be sent to a cloud archive according to policy.

Ken Peters, Digitiliti's executive vice president, said the archive can be hosted or integrated into the customer's infrastructure. "We provide the cloud services, but we can also do it in a private cloud as well," he said.

The company calls the entire data store a Virtual Corporate Library, and the Information Director and storage archive appear as one system to users.

Peters said the new features will help Digitiliti customers make the move to the cloud. "The release of multi-user login, secure client communication and roaming user login allows us to extend our architecture into a complete cloud model if our customers want to do that," he said.

Brian Babineau, a senior consulting analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, said he considers the reporting the most important improvement. "[ Digitiliti is] a new vendor with a fairly comprehensive offering that can accomplish a lot of things," he said. "Users want to see what is wrong and what will be done before allowing an 'all in one' solution to start automatically managing their data. The reports also allow users to actually see what is wrong with their information so they can see how to best optimize a DigiLibe implementation."

Other improvements include the integration of Adobe Inc.'s open licensed XMP library for larger graphical file support, and granular control and customization of end-user files.

Pricing for DigiLibe's 3 TB Information Director starts at $20,000, while the 10 TB model starts at $40,000. Digitiliti also charges $3 per GB of deduplicated and compressed data in its archive store and $50 per desktop client.

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