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Dexrex Gear expands instant messaging archiving capabilities for Blackberry

Dexrex Gear's ChatSync Mobile Enterprise for Blackberry builds on the vendor's ChatSync platform for instant messaging archiving capabilities into a storage repository for regulatory compliance and e-discovery.

Dexrex Gear this week expanded its instant messaging archiving capabilities, along with archiving data for multimedia messages and social media for Blackberry users. Dexrex Gear's ChatSync Mobile Enterprise builds on the vendor's ChatSync platform for capturing and routing text-based messaging into a centralized storage repository for compliance and e-discovery management.

Organizations can use a Blackberry Enterprise Server to install the Dexrex CharSync Mobile Enterprise for Blackberry (CMEBB). CMEBB collects account configuration data off each device it is installed on, and pushes instant messages (IMs), Short Message Service (SMS) or text messages, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), and social media messages to a cloud-based storage platform where it is archived in a database for easier management. Organizations can then access the text-based messages through one of Dexrex's managed service provider (MSP) partners.

"What we're really leveraging is a SAAS middleware platform for the capture, archival, normalization, and integration of these different media types," Dexrex CEO Derek Lyman said. "We're really un-silenting that data."

Storage and backup administrators are increasingly faced with managing data on mobile devices and experts say they cannot overlook this data because of compliance and security issues.

Brian Babineau, a senior consulting analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group, said Dexrex Gear provides a way for organizations to manage information it shouldn't ignore. "It is very hard to manage all of these devices, but regulated companies should not prevent them from being used," he said. "[Dexrex is] facilitating compliance with the operational burden."

Dexrex Gear's value-added reseller (VAR) partners including Perimeter E-Security, SECCAS,Sonian Inc. and USA.NET Inc. Lyman said the technology could be implemented locally in third-party archiving systems, but for now Dexrex is only licensing the product through the channel and OEM agreements.

Other vendors who archive IMs, text messages and/or social media include FaceTime Communications, Inc., Symantec Corp.'s IM Manager, Socialware, Inc., and TextGuard, Inc.

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