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Voltaire rolls out block storage access software for 10GbE, InfiniBand; more data storage news

Voltaire Storage Accelerator moves block data over non-Fibre Channel connectivity; SGI rolls out high performance computing (HPC) storage system for random I/O and high bandwidth requirements; Infortends adds 6 Gpbs SAS storage for video surveillance.

Voltaire Ltd. launched the Voltaire Storage Accelerator (VSA) software that provides block storage access over a 10-Gigabit Ethernet or InfiniBand fabric. VSA can be deployed on industry servers to enable high performance storage on x86 servers.

Voltaire claims VSA sftware enables a storage server pair to process up to one million I/O operations per second (IOPS) and deliver more than 10 Gbps of data. VSA improves performance of applications that require rapid access to data such as persistent messaging systems in financial services, analytics, data warehousing and high-performance computing. For cloud computing and environments running VMware ESX, VSA can boost virtual machine performance, and eliminate I/O delays and boot storms, while significantly reducing storage costs.

VSA is installed on standard Linux storage servers and works with DAS, Fibre Channel (FC) or iSCSI SAN, Flash, or RAM-based storage. VSA can be deployed as a tier zero storage cache in front of slower DAS or FC SAN storage systems, or to provide Fibre Channel I/O virtualization to consolidate fabric and eliminate the need for Fibre Channel HBAs.

SGI targets mixed workload environments with InfiniteStorage 16000

SGI Inc. launched the SGI InfiniteStorage 16000 high performance computing (HPC) storage system, targeted at organizations with random I/O and high bandwidth requirements. SGI InfiniteStorage 16000 scales to 2.4 PB, supports solid state drives, SAS and SATA disk drives, intelligent block striping, and 8 Gbps Fibre Channel and 40 Gbps InfiniBand host connectivity. The InfiniteStorage 16000 is a rebranded DataDirect Networks S2A that SGI sells through an OEM deal with DDN.

Infortrend adds 6 Gbps SAS

Infortrend added a 6 Gbps SAS series to its EonStor DS family targeted at media companies and video surveillance. Infortrend's 6 Gpbs SAS EonStor DS systems enable companies to store up to 224 TB of surveillance data.

Bocada offers 'health check'

Data protection management vendor Bocada Inc., is offering a free "health check" assessment that provides a comprehensive review of a company's overall data protection environment. The health check can show if backups are operating at full efficiency, where the problems are and how much capacity is used for backup.

3PAR supports Oracle VM

3PAR said it has certified Oracle VM, which allows virtualization for Oracle and non-Oracle applications. 3PAR support for Oracle VM lets 3PAR customers virtualize mission-critical applications including Oracle Database running on the 3PAR InServ Storage Server.

Toshiba certifies ATTO HBAs

ATTO Technology, Inc. said its 6 Gbps SAS/SATA Host Bus Adapters and 6 Gbps SAS/SATA RAID Host Bus Adapters have met compatibility requirements with Toshiba's 6 Gbps SAS drives.

Emulex appoints Asia-Pac sales VP

HBA vendor Emulex Corp. named Jimmy Yam VP of sales for Asia Pacific. Yam previously worked at Dell, EMC Corp., IBM and NEC.

DataDirect Networks adds VP

DataDirect Networks (DDN), which sells storage systems for high performance computing environments, named Bret Weber as Vice President and OEM Evangelist. In this role, Weber previously worked at LSI Corp.

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