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Oracle hardware strategy positions firm in workload optimization space

John Fowler laid out the Oracle hardware strategy in a webcast; talked about workload optimization, but had few specifics about data storage.

Oracle Corp. this week held a coming out event for its newest server and storage leader, John Fowler, executive vice president for servers and storage systems. Fowler reiterated during a live webcast that the Oracle hardware strategy now positions the company to be a leader in the workload optimization space, largely due to its acquisition of Sun Microsystems Inc.

"Oracle is now complete in its technology offerings," Fowler said.

He also talked about how Oracle was going to continue to evolve in the tape and library space. But he didn't offer much in the way of specifics on the company's overall storage strategy.

"It was a strange setting," said Charles King, principal analyst at Pund-IT Research. "In a way this was the first coming out for [Fowler]. The bottom line of what he said is that everything is moving ahead the way the company stated back in April. "I didn't hear anything today that suggests Oracle is going to have a larger role in storage than Sun had before," King added. "Tape is all good for archiving, but it's been relegated to that role."

Meanwhile, Fowler made no mention of whether Oracle would work with the Illumos project, the governing body for the OpenSolaris community. OpenSolaris has been stalled for the last five years and the community is looking to breathe life into the development of the source code used for ZFS storage systems left dormant since Oracle acquired Sun.

The problem the OpenSolaris community has faced in the last five years is that important parts of the code distributed with OpenSolaris are closed sourced, so the community is now working on creating replacement bits. Several Webcast attendees asked about Oracle's intentions related to OpenSolaris, but there was no response from Oracle.

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