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QNAP updates its NAS management software and other SMB data storage news

This week's SMB data storage news in brief: QNAP updates its NAS management software; Verizon offers McAfee-powered security software for small business Mac users and more.

The following is a compilation of the latest small- to medium-sized business (SMB) data storage technology news.

QNAP updates its NAS management software

QNAP Systems Inc. announced that it has updated its network-attached storage (NAS) management software. According to QNAP, Firmware version 3.3 offers new features and enhancements including a multimedia station with Web-based management, support for mobile devices, a live update feature, virtual server hosting, the ability to connect external drives to a Turbo NAS and data migration. Firmware version 3.3 is currently available to download at QNAP's website.

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Verizon offers McAfee-powered security software for small business Mac users

Verizon announced that its Verizon Internet Security Suite (VISS), powered my McAfee, is now available to small-business Mac users. According to a press release from Verizon, VISS product is designed to help protect Mac users from online security threats. Verizon Online Backup and Sharing (VOBS), an online data backup service, is also available to customers, giving small businesses a place to host their data, including files such as customer accounts and financial records.

Seagate releases first 3 TB external desktop drive for small business users

Seagate announced the release of the first 3 TB external desktop drive, the 3TB FreeAgent GoFlex. The FreeAgent GoFlex can store up to 120 HD movies and thousands of videos and photos. The GoFlex was designed with consumer households in mind who have a lot of storage capacity needs, but it's also suitable for small businesses. Users can choose to upgrade to a USB 3.0 interface with this external hard drive. It's also compatible with both the Windows operating system and Macs. Pricing for the 3TB GoFlex starts at $249.99.

X-ISS offers free online disaster recovery planning tools for SMBs

X-ISS launched two new online tools to help small business in the Houston, TX, area prepare and protect themselves in a major disaster. The tools, the X-ISS Disaster Recovery Planning Test and the 18-Point Checklist, are available for free online. The test allows business owners to assess how well their company is prepared to handle a disaster. The checklist is designed to help business owners identify gaps in their current disaster recovery plans, and encourages them to fill those gaps.

Nirvanix launches hybrid cloud storage service for SMBs

Nirvanix, a cloud storage service provider, announced the launch of a new cloud storage service, hNode. The hNode cloud storage service combines public cloud storage with private cloud storage. hNode is based on the same technology that works with the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network, Verizon Cloud Storage and Swisscom Secure Storage. According to Nirvanix, hNode is able to control multiple hNodes between different data centers with remote replication, and is compatible with Nirvanix API, Nirvanix Cloud NAS and several data backup and archiving software from Atempo, Arkeia, Gladinet, and more.

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