Storage Roundup: IBM brings data deduplication to System z mainframe

IBM adds ProtecTier data deduplication gateway for mainframe systems; Dot Hill launches FC/iSCSI SANs; Bus-Tech upgrades mainframe virtual tape library (VTL); and more.

IBM extended its data deduplication capabilities to System z mainframe environments by introducing the IBM System Storage TS7680 ProtecTIER Deduplication Gateway for System z.

IBM claims the gateway can compress backup data by 25 times, allowing up to 25 TB of tape application data to be stored on 1 TB of disk after deduplication. The TS7680 combines a virtual tape library (VTL) with an inline data deduplication algorithm called HyperFactor, which indexes the content of a repository. It also features two-node clustering and up to 1 PB of physical storage capacity per system.

Dot Hill ships entry-level 8 GB Fibre Channel SAN series

Dot Hill Systems Corp. is shipping its next-generation 3000 Series disk arrays with support for 8 Gb Fibre Channel and iSCSI, and optional AssuredRemote data management software to its OEM partners. The Dot Hill 3000 Series also supports 6 Gbps SAS drives as well as 2.5-inch small form factor drives. The systems support up to 144 drives, with extra capacity available through JBODs. AssuredRemote allows remote replication of snapshot volumes.

Bus-Tech announces Version 7 of its MDL VTL

Bus-Tech Inc. launched Version 7 of its Mainframe Data Library (MDL), including release 7.0 of its Virtuent virtual tape technology. Virtuent 7.0 includes an enhanced library file system, HTML-based configuration utilities, z/OS Master Console support, data encryption using RSA Key Manager and phone-home capabilities. MDL Version 7 uses a 64-bit operating system and is built on Intel SR2600 using a Xeon 5500 quad-core processor.

QuorumLabs beefs up business continuity box

QuorumLabs upgraded its onQ business continuity system for SMBs, adding multi-tenancy support and more granular file recovery, snapshots and data deduplication, Pricing for two onQ 2.0 appliances starts at $8,000 for an annual subscription and $12,000 for a perpetual license. onQ is also available as a managed service.

STORServer extends backup appliances

STORServer Inc. launched an add-on for its Backup Appliance and existing IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) products that enable customers to recover data in the background while their systems run. Individual files may also be recovered by mounting a point-in-time snapshot of the file system, and dragging/dropping the files to where they are needed. According to STORServer, the Backup Appliance with Instant Restore is designed to protect Microsoft Windows and Linux servers in remote or branch offices or to supplement the backup product in a data center for mission-critical applications. It uses a block-level incremental forever backup method for file system data and applications or databases.

Promise Technology and PMC-Sierra announce 6-gig SAS RAID solution

Promise Technology Inc. rolled out its SuperTrak 6 Gbps SAS RAID controller cards for SMBs and OEM partners. The 6-gig SAS RAID controllers feature PMC-Sierra Inc.'s PM8011 SRC 8x6G 6Gbps SAS RAID-on-Chip (RoC) technology, have approximately 512 MB of DDRII memory and can deliver approximately 2GB of bandwidth.

Connect for Education forms private storage cloud with Panasas, Amazon

Panasas Inc. said Connect for Education Inc. has chosen its ActiveStor parallel storage system to consolidate its storage and support its distributed learning solution. Connect for Education chose a hybrid data storage architecture using a combination of Panasas private cloud clustered NAS systems and Amazon Inc.'s public cloud storage, Simple Storage Service (S3), to handle files and databases.

SIOS unveils enterprises cloud strategy

SIOS Technology Inc. announced a cloud storage migration strategy for enterprises that involves leveraging technologies and partners to integrate application migration, monitoring, high availability and disaster recovery capabilities into a central framework. SIOS claims the framework will provide command and control of enterprise workloads, as well as portability and availability across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Comcast launches online backup and storage services

Comcast Corp. is launching Secure Backup & Share, which the company said will help its high-speed Internet customers reduce the risk of losing files saved on their computers. Secure Backup & Share offers features, including online access for offsite backup and a personalized website that allows customers to share their photos, videos, music and documents. Comcast uses EMC's Mozy online backup service to power Secure Backup & Share.

Maxell joins RDX Storage Alliance

The RDX Storage Alliance Partners said Hitachi Maxell Ltd. has joined the alliance comprised of customers, storage professionals, industry experts, RDX vendors and partners. OEM partners of the RDX storage technology include Dell Inc., Fujitsu Ltd., Hitachi Ltd., Hewlett-Packard (HP) Co., IBM, Imation Corp., Hitachi Maxell Ltd., NEC Corp., ProStor Systems Inc. and Tandberg Data.

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