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E-discovery, regulatory compliance products and services launch at LegalTech

Among the e-discovery and regulatory compliance vendors and service providers with upgrades at LegalTech are RenewData, StoredIQ, Kroll ONtrack, Clearwell Systems, Exterro and LiveOffice.

With LegalTech New York 2010 going on this week, there is a flurry of e-discovery and regulatory compliance product and partnership news.

RenewData claims improved performance for its eDiscovery service

Service provider RenewData Corp. said it installed a new back-end system and process at its data centers to improve e-discovery processing of backup tapes. The new infrastructure, which Renew calls the eDiscovery Acceleration Platform, is based on a consolidated networked storage system (by Hitachi Data Systems/BlueArc Corp.) that eliminates the need to transfer media between separate banks of machines for each step of the tape indexing process. According to assistant vice president of product marketing Joe Garber, RenewData can now process up to 1 PB of "legacy data" stored on backup tapes for customers.

RenewData also shared its roadmap plans this week, including a plan to add live archive data processing into the same platform, support for structured data, and integration with the legal review software, Vestigate, which it acquired last year with the purchase of privately held Digital Mandate.

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StoredIQ adds early case assessment with Analyze Anywhere

StoredIQ Inc. is adding a module to its Intelligent Information Management (IIM) data classification software framework that will perform in-place identification of data for legal review. The module, called Analyze Anywhere, offers a workflow for legal users to conduct an initial identification of relevant data for collection and first-pass legal review, rather than requiring data to be collected and migrated to an archive before early case assessment could be performed.

StoredIQ is continuing a trend of e-discovery vendors looking to broaden their reach across the eDiscovery Reference Model (EDRM) of late, which also includes Clearwell Systems Inc., EMC Corp.'s Kazeon and Recommind Inc.

Kroll ONtrack rolls out its own data email archiving product

Kroll ONtrack Inc. last week launched Compass, an email archiving program to complement its other e-discovery services, which include hosting data for review.

Compass will archive emails from Lotus and Exchange as well as files, allow search and index, apply and manage legal holds, and also perform scheduled deletion of data. Emails are archived either through a journaling process or by doing data dumps once per day. The software is layered over a grid of servers for performance. Tom McCaffrey, Kroll ONtrack's director of archiving, said the archive index isn't stored or searched through a database. Storing the index through a database can limit scalability.

McCaffrey said Compass has greater scalability than competitors. He said other products Kroll ONtrack customers have used "are too brute force" – keeping all items associated with a matter on hold until the whole matter is over, or releasing holds because one custodian isn't part of the matter.

"Kroll is not a traditional technology company – their heritage is in legal services outsourcing," wrote Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) senior consulting analyst Brian Babineau in an email to "There are not any current email archiving vendors that come from this background – most have a storage or data center infrastructure lineage. This does not guarantee immediate success, but it does guarantee credibility when selling customers on the electronic discovery specific benefits of archiving."

Clearwell improves document processing

Clearwell Systems Inc. upgraded its integrated e-discovery appliance, speeding its document processing through an updated parallel processing server and increasing scalability to 100 million documents on a single appliance.

Clearwell E-Discovery Platform 5.5's core functionality is processing, analysis and review of legal documents.

Clearwell founder and chief technical officer Venkat Rangan said the company uses a multi-channel architecture, either employing each channel to process data from a separate project or using all of its processing on a single project for maximum throughput. The company claims it can process 1 TB of data per day in a single appliance.

Katey Wood, an analyst at The 451 Group, said the upgrade is Clearwell's first move to distinguish itself from other review vendors that have come out with early case assessment appliances over the last year, including Autonomy Corp., FTI Consulting Inc.'s Ringtail QuickCull and Stratify/Iron Mountain.

Wood said Clearwell's increased processing speed and scalability is "sending the message to customers that they will not have to keep buying additional boxes as their litigation increases."

Exterro rolls out Fusion Cloud Legal Hold

Governance, risk-assessment, and compliance (GRC) software provider Exterro Inc. launched Fusion Cloud Legal Hold, a subscription-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) license for its automated e-discovery legal hold solution.

Exterro CEO Bobby Balachandran said his company may also extend SaaS subscriptions of its other e-discovery offerings. The 451 Group's Wood said Exterro "is betting that law firms will become their clients' legal-hold providers, instead of the clients doing it in house."

LiveOffice partners with Zapproved

Email archive service provider LiveOffice LLC has joined with Zapproved Inc. to combine Zapproved's Legal Hold Pro service with LiveOffice's Discovery Archive. The combination lets Discovery Archive clients start and update legal hold, notify each custodian that action is required, manage records of interaction with custodians, and prepare an audit trail of the legal hold information.

PSS Systems upgrades Atlas

PSS Systems upgrade its Atlas e-discovery suite, adding improved information inventory analysis and workflow to automate data-source catalog management. Atlas 5 can present a graphical display of the systems with the highest discovery volume and greatest government regulation requirements.

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