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SMB data storage briefs: Synology launches new NAS product, DiskStation DS1010+

This week's SMB news in brief: Synology launches new NAS product, DiskStation DS1010+ and Sonasoft releases SonaPACK for Microsoft customers

The following is a compilation of the latest small- to medium-sized business (SMB) data storage technology news.

Synology launches new NAS product, DiskStation DS1010+

Synology Inc. released the five-bay DiskStation DS1010+, a network-attached storage (NAS) product that has write speeds 250% faster than its previous NAS product, the DS509+. Features of the new DS1010+ include hot-swappable drives, two GB LAN ports, 4 USB ports and a 1 GB DDR2 RAM.

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Additionally, using a separate product, the DX510 Expansion Enclosure, the DS1010+ can expand its data storage capacity horizontally from five bays to 10 bays whenever more storage is needed. Also, disks can be migrated to larger-sized disks using either RAID-1, 5, or 6, making the potential for data storage capacity 20 TB.

Sonasoft releases SonaPACK for Microsoft customers

Sonasoft Corp. released SonaPACK, a data replication, data archiving, migration and data backup product geared toward SMBs. SonaPACK comes with elements from both the SonaExchange and SonaVault products. Key features of both of these products include email recovery, primary exchange server replication, server migration, data storage management, email archiving and regulatory compliance requirements. Pricing for SonaPACK starts at $7,777 for 250 mailboxes.

Enhance Technology releases UltraShare NAS8000 P4, an expandable NAS plus iSCSI storage product

Enhance Technology released UltraShare NAS8000 P4, a high performance NAS that is offered with either 10 Gigabit Ethernet or Quad Gigabit Ethernet data portals. The UltraShare NAS8000 P4 is designed to provide fast FT access to website content and file sharing, and is also designed to work in both SMB and large enterprise data storage environments. It supports file sharing with Apple, Linux, Unix and Windows systems. Other features include an internal RAID array with up to 16 TB of data storage, high security and a Web graphical user interface (GUI) for remote configuration.

AMI releases StorTrends 2400im IP-SAN and 2400nm NAS data storage appliances

American Megatrends (AMI) released its new StorTrends 2400im IP-SAN and 2400nm NAS data storage appliances. The StorTrends 2400im IP-SAN manages both block and file data that has storage capacity to support departments, branch offices and SMBs, and is ideally for either primary or secondary storage. The StorTrends 2400nm NAS allow people to centralize file data storage from Windows, Linux and Mac users across an Ethernet. Additionally, both products offer Volume Replication features, which allow data to be stored on multiple StorTrends units at multiple sites.

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