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Employee job satisfaction: Why I love/hate my enterprise data storage job

Enterprise data storage professionals who participated in our annual Storage magazine salary survey discuss their satisfaction with their IT jobs.

Despite the current economy, enterprise data storage professionals in many industries managed to see pay increases last year even as company closings and layoffs sent some looking for new jobs. While the value of a job

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is often weighed against its salary, compensation doesn't always affect day-to-day work life.

Data storage professionals who participated in our annual Storage magazine salary survey weighed in on their employee job satisfaction, as well as the best and worst aspects of their current jobs, from free donuts to tight budgets.

Eight reasons to love my job

  1. Learning curve: "The variety of the day-to-day operations and the continual learning."
  2. Hands-off: "I create my own projects; there's no micromanagement."
  3. The challenge: "Achieving the near impossible."
  4. The perks: "Free donuts on Friday."
  5. Coworkers: "Working with good people who have passion and dedication to their jobs."
  6. Costume changes: "I get to wear lots of different hats."
  7. Home office: "Flexible work hours; being able to work from home."
  8. Pride: "Being the 'go-to' guy."

Eight reasons to hate my job

  1. Too demanding: "Too much pressure on one person -- me."
  2. Tight budgets: "Growing so rapidly -- budget cannot buy what we need."
  3. Typecast: "Not much advancement opportunity."
  4. The bottom line: "Poor benefits and mediocre pay."
  5. Spread too thin: "Too many areas under my responsibility to be an expert at any."
  6. Time crunch: "Lack of time to plan and complete projects -- never given time to properly plan and implement technologies."
  7. The big three: "Office politics, paperwork and bureaucracy."
  8. Finally, free bagels, but "have to pay for cream cheese."

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