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SMB data storage briefs: Synology launches RS409 NAS server for SMBs

We've compiled the latest SMB data storage news briefs: Synology launches RS409 NAS server; Dot Hill to launch 24 TB RAID arrays; Dynamic Solutions announces trade-in program for tape systems; and more.

The following is a compilation of the latest SMB data storage technology news.

Synology launches RS409 NAS server for SMBs

Synology America Corp. launched the new Rack Station RS409, a 1U 4-bay network-attached storage (NAS) server aimed at SMBs. The RS409 can be expanded from 4 HDD to 8 HDD, for a total of 16 TB (using 2 TB HDD) for two separate volumes, by adding the Synology RX4 expansion station via an eSATA cable. The RX4 features plug-n-use connectivity, hot-swappable HDD design and disk hibernation which works with the RS409 for extra storage or backup.

The RS409 is equipped with a 1.2 GHz CPU, 256MB DDRII RAM, two Gigabit LAN ports, two USB2.0 ports, one eSATA port, and supports up to 128 concurrent connections. The RS409 ships with Disk Station Manager 2.1 software, which provides Windows ADS integration, cross-platform data sharing and RAID data protection. Mail Station add-on enables the RS409 to be a mail server that supports Web mail, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP. Web Station allows users to host up to 30 websites on a single RS409. The RS409 supports two USB printers, and the Add Printer Wizard simplifies setup process with a wizard.

Synology also launched the new 2.5-inch 4-bay Disk Station DS409slim.The DS409slim consumes only 19 watts of power under normal operating conditions with all four hard drives installed.

Dot Hill to launch 24 TB RAID arrays

Dot Hill Systems Corp. announced it has completed qualification of Western Digital's new 2 TB enterprise SATA drives, and is preparing to launch the world's first generally available 24 TB RAID storage arrays featuring a compact 2U footprint. Slated for general availability later this month, the Dot Hill arrays leverage Western Digital's WD RE4-GP 2TB hard drives with WD GreenPower Technology.

Dynamic Solutions announces trade-in program for tape systems

Dynamic Solutions International (DSI) announced the "Trade Away Your Past" program designed for organizations that need to migrate their archived data from tape systems to a new virtual tape library technology.

DSI's "Trade Away Your Past" program is valid through Sept. 30, 2009 and allows companies that have tape systems installed in the Unisys MCP and OS2200 environments the opportunity to upgrade to a new DSI9000 virtual tape system and earn a rebate up to 50 percent of the software purchase.

QNAP upgrades Turbo NAS servers

QNAP Systems Inc. announced an upgrade to the NAS management software that powers its Turbo NAS lineup NAS servers. Version 3.1 of the NAS management software, embedded as firmware, adds virtual disk support (up to 8 virtual disks via iSCSI expansion over the network), and QNAP RAID Recovery that can recover a degraded or inactive RAID 1, 5, or 6 due to unintentional removal of drives.

The new 3.1 firmware is available immediately for free download at http://www.qnap.com/download.asp for owners of specific QNAP Turbo NAS models.

Vizioncore announces SMB Data Protection Pack

Vizioncore Inc. announced the Vizioncore SMB Data Protection Pack, which provides SMB customers with data protection, high availability and offsite replication that complements the entry-level, all-in-one VMware vSphere Essentials. The new pack is specifically targeted at smaller deployments and includes licenses for six CPUs.

The Vizioncore SMB Data Protection Pack is available in two bundles. The primary bundle includes Vizioncore vRanger Pro for data protection and Vizioncore vControl -- capabilities not currently offered in the entry-level VMware vSphere Essentials. The comprehensive edition, Vizioncore SMB Data Protection Pack with Replication, offers vRanger Pro and vControl, but also adds the additional protection and security of Vizioncore vReplicator for offsite disaster recovery replications.

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