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Selecting an e-discovery software tool

Learn the criteria storage managers use to choose an e-discovery software tool.

When developing an e-discovery process, storage managers need to pay attention to issues such as chain of custody and spoliation (intentionally or negligently withholding, hiding, altering or destroying evidence relevant to a legal proceeding). More importantly, however, they need to evaluate how the e-discovery software tool will pass information to other parts of the process.

E-discovery process



* Full text indexing
* Cross platform and cross format
* Reusable search criteria
* Search meta data
* Automatic logical grouping


* Support for multiple and overlapping holds
* Integration with existing systems
* Ability to stop automatic destruction
* Detailed audit trail
* Support for subcollections
* Automatic hold notification, reminders, acknowledgement tracking and documentation

Privilege review and coding

* Support for native format review
* View embedded objects and attachments
* Role-based access controls
* Objective and subjective coding
* Support multilevel review
* Support for templates and checklists

Source: IT Governance Publishing

BIO: Alan Radding is a frequent contributor to TechTarget sites.

(This article originally appeared in Storage magazine.)

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