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Primary storage data reduction takes center stage at SNW

At Storage Networking World this week, several vendors are releasing new features and products that can save space on primary or nearline storage.

ORLANDO, Fla.— Primary storage capacity optimization will play a prominent role at Storage Networking World (SNW) this week, with vendors launching products to deduplicate or compress data.

Data deduplication remains mostly a backup product, but has become a hot topic among storage administrators looking to manage rapid data growth in the face of shrinking or flat budgets.

Storwize Inc. is launching a new series of appliances designed to compress data for primary storage. Storwize claims its STN-6000i series and STN-OS v.3.6 will offer 35% better performance than its previous compression appliances, writing data at approximately 800 MBps. The entry-level STN-6300i is a 1U box with one quad-core 5410 CPU, 16 GB RAM and eight ports. The midrange STN-6500i is a 2U box with two quad-core 5410 CPUs, 32 GB RAM and 12 ports. The high-end STN-6800i is a 2U, dual quad-core 5440 CPU box with 48 GB RAM and 16 ports. Storwize has also added new software modules for reporting and management, including support for Active Directory authentication, SNMP and external syslog servers.

Hifn Inc., soon to become part of Exar Corp., said it will have a new inline primary storage data-reduction product in the third quarter. BitWackr consists of Hifn's Express DR 250 and 255 cards, which perform hardware-based data deduplication, and software that integrates the cards with the Microsoft Windows operating system. The card intercepts writes from CIFS to disk and deduplicates the data inline at the block level. It will also work with Windows-based network-attached storage (NAS) and iSCSI storage-area network (SAN) devices. Hifn is planning versions of the product that will be compatible with VMware, Red Hat and SUSE Linux.

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Ocarina Networks and Nirvanix Inc. are kicking off a new partnership at SNW. The vendors will market Ocarina's NAS compression appliance with Nirvanix's CloudNAS online storage into a bundle supported by both companies.

3PAR upgrades midrange SAN

3PAR Inc. is rolling out its InServ F-Class Storage Servers, new midrange systems that support four controllers. The F-Class has the same architecture and ASIC as the InServ T-Class enterprise systems that 3PAR launched last September, but doesn't scale as high capacity-wise. The F200 is a two-controller array that scales to 125 TB and replaces 3PAR's E200 midrange system, while the F400 has four controllers and scales to 250 TB. Pricing begins at approximately $80,000 for an F200 with 16 146 GB drives.

Zetta unveils cloud-based primary storage service

Newcomer Zetta Inc. is going against the grain in cloud storage, claiming it can offer a high-performance service for primary data with its custom-built hardware and software. The company is targeting storage shops of 10 TB or larger with Zetta Virtual Volume 1.0, which is based on a proprietary file system that performs continual data integrity checks and distributes data over hardware nodes in an N+3 redundant configuration. The service also encrypts data at rest and offers public key management at the volume level. Zetta claims it will automatically issue credits to customer accounts when its own internal instrumentation indicates a problem.

To overcome wide-area network (WAN) and Internet bandwidth limitations, Zetta customers will have to install new networking infrastructures between their data centers and Zetta's. "Adding a new network port is still a drastically smaller commitment than building out a new internal storage infrastructure," said Jeff Treuhaft, CEO at Zetta.

Xiotech launches power-saving feature for Emprise

Xiotech Corp. is adding a PowerNAP feature to its ISE and Emprise self-healing disk arrays. PowerNAP lets customers manually or automatically shut down disk drives in the array when it's not in use. It's not quite the same as massive array of idle disks (MAID), which alternates the disks that are shut down according to access. Xiotech arrays completely spin down when PowerNAP is invoked. PowerNAP can be managed remotely or locally, and customers familiar with scripting can automate it through applications. Xiotech claims it has shipped 1,000 of the Emprise systems it first launched last spring, and Emprise now accounts for approximately 85% of the company's revenue.

FalconStor offers Backup Accelerator for VTL

FalconStor Software Inc. is giving customers the option of creating local-area network (LAN)-free backups with FalconStor's Virtual Tape Library (VTL) software and a new offering called Backup Accelerator. Backup Accelerator software creates a secondary copy of data in a disk pool attached to the VTL so the data can be fed into virtual tape drives without using the CPU of the backup server or production clients to write backups.

NetGear ships unified storage for SMBs

NetGear Inc. is adding iSCSI block-level access to its ReadyNAS small- and medium-sized business (SMB) storage devices for a new multiprotocol storage system called ReadyNAS NVX. The four-bay desktop device offers redundant ports and nondisruptive capacity expansion, as well as support for cloud-based backups through Amazon partner ElephantDrive Inc.

Symantec to rebrand DR change management tool

Symantec Corp. will offer Continuity Software's RecoverGuard change management software for disaster recovery (DR) environments, rebranding it as Veritas CommandCentral Disaster Recovery Advisor (DRA). The software, which keeps track of configurations for DR purposes and notifies users of "configuration drift," will be sold and supported by Symantec, and Symantec will do pre-sales DR assessments at customer locations. The two companies are also working on integrating Symantec's Veritas Cluster Server One (VCS One) high-availability software with DRA.

Also around the show…

The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) is forming a new Cloud Storage Technical Working Group to develop a reference model and taxonomy for cloud storage. The group will set standards to ease migration of data between service providers.

LSI Corp. will announce design wins for its MegaRAID SAS storage controllers with more than 80 new OEM server and workstation systems based on Intel Corp.'s new Xeon processor 5500 Series chips. LSI will also demonstrate a million-IOPS system that uses 6 Gbps SAS…StorServer Inc. will demonstrate its VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) agent for Tivoli Storage Manager on the show floor.

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