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ATTO ships first quad-channel FC 8 Gbit host adapter

ATTO releases 8 Gbit quad Fibre Channel host adapter; NetEx raises replication performance in VMware environments; new module helps Index Engines users speed up e-discovery; 3PAR supports Microsoft Hyper-V.

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ATTO ships first quad-channel Fibre Channel 8 Gbit host adapter
ATTO Technology has released a quad Fibre Channel host adapter, the Celerity FC-84EN, that the company claims is the first 8 Gbit quad Fibre Channel host adapter. The device includes an x8 PCI Express 2.0 bus interconnect. that is compatible with PCIe 1.1. The adapter performs at up to 6400 MB/sec., with aggregrate speeds of up to 3200 MB/sec for reads or writes. The Celerity FC host adapter line also includes dual- and single-channel products.

Virtual HyperIP for VMware hikes up replication performance
NetEx has rolled out Virtual HyperIP bandwidth optimization solutions for VMware environments that deliver a three- to tenfold increase in data replication performance. Virtual HyperIP is a software-based Data Transport Optimizer that operates on the VMware ESX server. It supports replication applications that protect servers, NAS devices and/or storage arrays using Gigabit Ethernet and IP infrastructures, and can operate with another remote Virtual HyperIP or a remote HyperIP appliance. The solution itigates TCP performance issues that arise when moving data over WAN connections.

Index Manager module facilitates e-discovery management
A new module allows users of Index Engines' Tape Engine and LAN Engine to better manage their e-discovery projects by building one index created by data from multiple ingestion points, including tape drives, libraries or network connections. The Index Manager module also allows users to perform comprehensive search and extraction across this index. The Index Manager also lets users scale the indexing and management of tapes and online backup data, so that many Index Engines' appliances can be clustered.

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Hyper-V and Utility Storage produce virtualization agility
3PAR is now supporting Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V with its Utility Storage platform. Users can employ 3PAR's virtualized storage platform with Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V to deliver software and hardware as a service through server and storage virtualization. The 3PAR Inserv Storge Server automatically stripes volumes across all disks, so that as the system scales to accommodate multiple virtual machines, service and performance levels are maintained.

RAIDBank4 brings compact storage to the small guys
MicroNet's RAIDBank4 is a storage subsystem with a footprint of 6.5 by 4.75 inches for SMBs. Featuring eSATA and USB connectivity and a 300 MBps data transfer rate, the subsystem is aimed at SMBss requiring up to 4 TB (and soon up to 6 TB) of storage. RAIDBank4 integrates a 64-bit RISC processor with a 128 MB, high-speed error correcting cache. The unit is hot swappable and features online auto rebuild support. It also includes MicroNet's two-port eSATA PCI-Express host bus adapter card (a 4-port adapter is optional) and NTI Shadow backup software. Starting price is $999.

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