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Dot Hill gives Fibre Channel arrays DC power option

DC power supplies now available with Dot Hill's 5730 Fibre Channel storage arrays; Virtual Machine ediiton of Exanodes software creates virtual SANs; Sepaton adds data dedupe software to VTL.'s weekly compilation of news from the storage industry

Dot Hill gives DC power option to Fibre Channel storage arrays
Dot Hill Systems Corp. has made Direct Current (DC) power supplies available with its 5730 Fibre Channel storage arrays. The option allows users to use DC power for more energy efficiency and lower costs in the data center and remote environments. The 5730 with DC power is now shipping starting at $32,000.

Virtual Machine edition of Exanodes software creates virtual SANs

The most recent version of Exanodes software from Seanodes is a Virtual Machine edition that creates a virtual SAN to provide server virtualization. The software, features self-healing capabilities and can rebuild a 1 TB disk in less than 40minutes. Exanodes starts at $500 per TB.

Sepaton launches VTL with stronger dedupe performance
Sepaton has enhanced the data deduplication capabilities in its latest virtual tape library. The S2100-ES2 series 1000 VTL includes DeltaStor V5.0 software, which allows users to add data protection applications such as remote replication and data deduplication. Using 1 TB drives, the VTL can store 1.6 PB of usable data while reducing the space required to store that data by as much as 50:1 Users can back up and restore data at 34.5 TB/hour. Pricing for the VTL starts at $69,000 for 10 TB usable.

This week's storage news
Tek-Tools adds path reporting on VMware and VTL

NetEx widens WAN optimization capabilities

Proofpoint buys email archiving SaaS provider Fortiva

Data Domain, Mimosa add data compliance capabilities
RecoverGuard 3.0 corrects vulnerabilities in VMware environment
Continuity Software has released RecoverGuard version 3.0, designed to detect and correct disaster recovery threats and vulnerabilities in their EMC VMware virtualized environments. The software adds host configuration gap detection, and can be used with configuration management databases, as well as Oracle Data Guard and Hitachi Data Systems platform support.

Fibre Channel storage system scales to 80 TB
Enhance Technologies now offers a 64-bit dual Fibre Channel 4 Gbps storage system for applications requiring high-speed transfer of large amounts of data. Users can populate the system with a mix of SAS or SATA disks to deploy tiered storage.

The UltraStor RS16 FS allows users to start with the storage capacity they currently need and offers data expansion through daisy-chaining four or more optional RS16 JS JBOD units to form large RAID storage and scale up to 80TB. FalconStor makes VTL available for use with Symantec API
FalconStor has made its VTL OpenStorage available for use with Symantec's Veritas NetBackup OpenStorage API. The combination of the two products provides migration of backup images from disk devices to tape for long-term archiving and deploying a NetBackup media server.

MessageSolution email archiving software updates retention policies
MessageSolution Inc. launched a new version of its email archiving software, Enterprise Email Archive 5.6. The new product features built-in logs and audit trails, and can apply classifications and unique retention policies to case-relevant emails for litigation hold.

Open-E's DSS to be used with VMware's ESX server
Open-E Inc.'s Data Storage Server IP-storage operating software has been certified for use with VMware's ESX server 3.5. The DSS combines full NAS and iSCSI SAN functionality, and supports RAID functionality. The ESX server has a virtualization layer that abstracts processor, memory, storage and networking resources into several virtual machines.

Tangent launches new DataCove 8000L email archival tool
Tangent Inc. has released the DataCove 8000L, an email archival tool based on the DataCove OS 4.0. The new appliance features SAS, RAID 5 and 6, Quad Core Xeon Processors, AIT Tape Library, unalterable archival, 256 bit AES encryption, indexing, deduplication and web-based menus. Pricing starts at $50,000 for unlimited users.

IBM to use ATTO HBAs with SAN Volume Controller
ATTO Technology's Celerity 4-Gigabit Fibre Channel host adapters have been qualified for use with IBM's SAN Volume Controller (SVC) for the Mac market. The ATTO driver allows path failover and load-balancing capabilities between the Celerity FC-41ES, FC-42ES and FC-44ES PCIe host adapters and the virtual LUNs created by IBM's SVC.

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