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Silver Peak to offer gigabit WAN platform

A compilation of this week's news in the storage world.

Weekly compilation of storage news:

Silver Peak launches gigabit WAN platform
Silver Peak Systems has launched the NX-9000, the first gigabit WAN acceleration product. The product supports up to 4 Gbps of bidirectional LAN side traffic and 1 Gbps of bidirectional WAN side traffic, with 8 TB of local data store available for WAN deduplication. It also features two 10 Gbps interfaces and four 1 Gbps interfaces with EtherChannel bonding for physical connectivity between Silver Peak appliances and network elements. Pricing goes to $259,995 for the NX-9000, which will be available in August.

This week's news
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Reldata adds FC support for disaster recovery
Reldata has come out with disaster recovery hardware that replicates FC SAN data over IP networks to remote iSCSI SANs. The 9240 Unified Storage Gateway has a Reldata FC target that connects to a FC SAN. The target can be implemented at the remote site with SATA disk, and the site can be monitored and managed from the primary site. No software installation is needed on production servers, no FC rewiring is required and replication is transparent to the application OS, Reldata claims.

IBM releases data center energy management software
A new version of Tivoli Monitoring software consolidates views of energy management information to allow optimization across data centers. Users can set power and utilization thresholds on energy usage, and handle physical constraints relating to space, power and cooling.

IBM, Iron Mountain partner on records management
Iron Mountain Inc. and IBM are combining Iron Mountain's Accutrac software with IBM's FileNet records manager. The collaborative effort, which is expected to be available in late 2008, will create a single window into an organization's records, including both electronic and paper documents. The integration will use IBM's ZeroClick technology for records declaration and records lifecycle administration.

Dell uses Hitachi Ultrastar hard drives
Dell plans to use Hitachi's Ultrasar 15K450 hard drives to deliver higher capacities in its PowerEdge server and PowerVault storage product lines. The 3.5-inch, 15,000 RPM drives hold 450GB of storage and offer a 30% improvement generation-to-generation in sequential throughput. They also have 50 percent more available capacity than their 300GB predecessors, but similar low power characteristics.

NovaStor upgrades DR software
NovaBackup 10, the latest version of NovaStor's data protection and disaster recovery software for Windows PCs and servers, features disk image recovery, which takes a snapshot of the entire system to protect and preserve data in the event of a disaster, and the ability to backup, copy or mirror data to FTP or online storage accounts offered by NovaStor as well as Amazon's S3.

Web2Storage creates 'Time Capsule' for Vista
Web2Storage made its Web2Drive software generally available for storage devices and Windows Vista users. The software resides on a disk drive partition, where it uses Vista Rally technology and chip controllers. The product's hardware device plugs directly into a user's router via an Ethernet cable, for automated local wireless backup similar to Apple's Time Machine product.

Perimeter eSecurity adds remote backup service
Perimeter eSecurity has added an automated Remote Backup & Recovery (RBR) service to its data security service offerings. The service features multiple encryption methods, digital file support, file compression and continuous system evaluation. Backups can be scheduled in full, in part, or incrementally to reoccur at any time..

Infortrend adds two arrays to SAS line
Infortrend added the EonStor S12F-R1432 redundant-controller and the S12F-G1433 single-controller Fibre Channel (FC)-to-SAS/SATA subsystems, both of which are available through the company's distributors. The new arrays come with built-in hardware RAID 5 and RAID 6.

NetApp revenue up, income flat
NetApp reported revenue of $938 million for last quarter, which was up 17 percent from last year while its earnings remained the same at $90 million. For its fiscal year, NetApp's revenue of $3.3 billion increased 18 percent over the previous year, with income increasing 4 percent to $310 million. For this quarter, NetApp forecasted a sequential dip in sales to between $845 million and $875 million.

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