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E-discovery, archiving vendors team up at LegalTech

Partnerships announced at this week's LegalTech conference could give users a jump-start when it comes to e-discovery planning.

One year after changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) went into effect, many organizations report that coming up with proactive strategies for litigation requests has been a slow process. In an effort to move things along, e-discovery and data archiving vendors at this week's LegalTech conference in New York are teaming up to broaden the scope of their products and offering services to get customers started.

Two data archiving vendors, AXS-One Inc. and Mimosa Systems Inc., are partnering with services provider RenewData Corp. to offer tape-ingestion services. Users who deploy the service send their tapes to Renew Data, and Renew Data feeds them into its systems, deduplicating the data and putting it into proper format for storage in spinning-disk archives. Previously, the Mimosa and AXS-One archiving products were "go-forward" archives, trapping data already on disk systems but not taking inactive data on tapes into account.

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RenewData will resell the AXS-One archive, and AXS-One's channel will resell RenewData services. Mimosa customers also have the choice of using Index Engines Inc.'s Automated Tape Extraction Module to ingest tapes on their own. Mimosa also announced a partnership with instant messaging (IM) archiver FaceTime Communications Inc. to add IM archiving to its NearPoint product.

Kazeon Systems Inc. is also working with service providers to offer Early Case and Risk Assessment services. The Early Case service is a tactical response to pending litigation requests; the Risk Assessment service is an analysis of a user's environment to test compliance with regulations, such as HIPAA or SOX. Partners Evolving Solutions Inc. and Delve Information Group will offer those services as well.

"E-discovery introduces new processes and technology, and there's a learning curve -- old habits die hard," said Steve d'Alencon, Kazeon vice president of product marketing. "Services are a means of getting them off the starting line faster." Pricing for the Kazeon services starts at $10,000 and varies according to the user's environment.

Another e-discovery software maker, Attenex Corp., is also bundling services into its new Snapshot Review package. The package includes Attenex Patterns E-Discovery software, professional consulting services and a "mobile command unit" for investigations and discovery operations, including laptop computers. The offering is available in three-month engagements and starts at $50,000.

Index Engines isn't a service provider, but many of its customers are. Index Engines and services provider OnSite3 will present how its Automated Tape Extraction Module software was used to respond to litigation requests for OnSite3's client, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. The tape extraction software also becomes generally available from Index Engines this week.

Other partnerships focus on rounding out e-discovery offerings to encompass both data collection and analysis for review. Hewlett-Packard Co. paired with Clearwell Systems Inc. to offer its Integrated Archive Platform (IAP) data archive bundled with Clearwell's e-discovery review and analysis software. The two companies have partnered before, but HP will now actively resell Clearwell with IAP.

"There are a number of 'blocks' that go into enterprise e-discovery, beginning with records management, through capturing and retaining data, to analyzing it for legal review," said Randy Serafini, HP's worldwide product marketing manager of e-discovery. "Our goal with our partnerships is to fill in those blocks for an end-to-end offering."

Going it alone

Some vendors at this week's show are sprucing up standalone products without help from partners. Mimosa has added a new content-monitoring feature to its NearPoint product, which will allow designated administrators to monitor emails for inappropriate or noncompliant content. The feature will also allow monitoring of an organization's most recent, nonarchived emails for content relating to ongoing litigation. The content monitoring module is available at $16 per email seat, with annual maintenance fees of 15% to 20%.

StoredIQ Inc. is trying to broaden the scope of its data classification and indexing products to address more of the e-discovery reference model. The latest version of its Intelligent eDiscovery product adds prelitigation analysis of data, a discovery investigator administrative role and the ability to convert the results of its data index searches into load files compatible with commonly used legal review software.

Lucid8 LLC and Autonomy Zantaz have also brushed up their email archiving products. Lucid8's DigiScope 2.0 now includes deduplicated search results, .pst export options, support for Outlook native views, read-only support for offline Exchange databases and the ability to repair corrupted Exchange data. Autonomy's Introspect indexing software will now index over 1,000 electronic file types, including VMware Inc. virtual machine images, multimedia attachments, voice, video, IM and Blackberry messages.


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