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Symantec: It ain't easy being green

Reldata launches SAS/SATA system; Aptare adds capacity manager; Seagate teams with Staples for data recovery; Dell resells Virtual Iron.

Weekly compilation of storage news:

Symantec reveals Green Data Center Report findings While most data center managers want a successful green strategy,...

only a tiny minority have pulled it off, according to Symantec's Green Data Center Report.

Symantec surveyed more than 800 data center managers worldwide and reports that 71% of the respondents are interested in adopting a green data center initiative, but only 14% have successfully implemented one. For this study, Symantec defined a green data center as having increased efficiencies in energy usage, power consumption, space utilization and reduction of polluting energy sources.

Index Engines adds tape extraction capabilities

Isilon beefs up clustered NAS with 1 TB disks

VMware's storage strategy: Simplify management
Reldata adds SAS/SATA drives to iSCSI gateway
Reldata launched its 9240 SAS/SATA Unified Storage System, adding disk drives to its 10 GigE 9240 iSCSI gateway. A high performance 9240 SAS Unified Storage System with 1.75 TB storage costs approximately $60,000, and a 9 TB system costs around $65,000.

Aptare makes StorageConsole 6.5 available
Aptare announced general availability of StorageConsole 6.5 backup reporting application and StorageConsole Capacity Manager. Capacity Manager provides utilization reports by gathering information from hosts, applications and storage arrays to help administrators increase utilization rates.

Seagate helps Staples recover data
Seagate Recovery Services has partnered with Staples to help Staples customers recover data off digital media. Staples customers can take any brand or type of digital media containing data they can't access to one of some 1,400 Staples stores in the U.S.. Seagate claims that, in most cases, the data lost due to mechanical failure of a device or even fire or water damage can be recovered by technicians using a combination of software and physical reconstruction of the device.

Dell pumps Virtual Iron
Server virtualization startup Virtual Iron Software signed a reseller deal with Dell. Virtual Iron runs on Dell Precision and PowerEdge servers, giving customers an option to VMware for server virtualization.

Seanodes ships Exanodes
French startup Seanodes launched software that helps companies turn storage on servers into a shared pool. The software, called Exanodes, speeds RAID rebuilds by intelligently distributing the RAID set across multiple network nodes. Seanodes claims 1 TB of data can be rebuilt in under an hour, minimizing the risks of a second disk failure during the rebuild window.

Hitachi resells QLogic iSCSI router
Hitachi now offers the QLogic SANbox 6140 iSCSI-to-Fibre Channel router to enable SAN connectivity between storage and servers via iSCSI to Fibre Channel connectivity protocols. HDS makes the router available for all its midrange storage systems.

NetApp's SnapValidator supports Oracle 10g
Network Appliance (NetApp) said its SnapValidator supports Oracle Database 10g across all of its storage platforms. SnapValidator for Oracle checks and intercepts potential data corruption before it is written to disk.

DataCore provides high availability for Oracle
DataCore said its SANmelody and SANsymphony storage virtualization software provide auto-failover high availability for Oracle Virtual Machines. DataCore's applications convert standard servers based on Intel or AMD processors or virtual machines into storage servers that virtualize disks and serve them over existing networks to application servers.

Riverbed lands The Gem Group
Riverbed said promotional product manufacturer The Gem Group has deployed Riverbed's Steelhead WAFS appliances in its Lawrence, Mass., headquarters and offshore manufacturing operations in Shenzhen, China. The Gem Group employees use Steelhead appliances to access large files and collaborate in real time on the design of new products.

Canadian engineering services firm picks Packeteer
Packeteer announced that the MCW Group of Companies, a professional engineering services firm in Canada, has deployed iShared appliances and iShared FlexInstall WAN optimization software at all its offices in Canada to optimize performance in the company's enterprise-wide VPN. Packeteer claims the iShared solution has reduced file access times by a factor of 25 and ensures integrity of MCW's large AutoCAD files by eliminating previous version control problems.

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