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D-Link, Iomega, Pivot3 add surveillance storage

D-Link expands its iSCSI platform for surveillance storage, EMC Iomega partners with Axis, and Pivot3 adds storage appliance for video.

D-Link, EMC’s Iomega Corp. and Pivot3 launched video surveillance storage systems for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) this week. D-Link, which sells video surveillance cameras, upgraded its iSCSI storage platform with its DSN 4000 Series xStack Storage arrays. Iomega integrated its SMB NAS boxes with network camera vendor Axis Communications' Axis Video Hosting Systems, and Pivot3 added a vSTAC Watch appliance to store and manage surveillance video.

D-Link is replacing its 3U DSN-3200 and the 2U DSN-2100 systems with the DSN-4200 and DSN-4100 iSCSI arrays. The DSN-4200 and DSN-4100 are 3U systems that support up to 32 TB of raw capacity with 16 SAS and SATA drive bays. The DSN-3200 and DSN-2100 supported SATA II disk drives only, and did not have expansion bays. The new arrays include a System-on-a-Chip iSCSI controller that supports 80,000 IOPS.

The DSN-4100 also includes four Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports to provide throughput up to 425 MBps. The DSN-4200 includes eight GbE ports for a throughput of up to 850 MBps.

D-Link director of product marketing Chris Gruber said the new systems can also be used for data backup, recovery and disaster recovery, but are an especially good fit for storage behind D-Link’s video surveillance gear.

“We are in a very unique position in IP surveillance,” Gruber said.

The DSN-4100 is priced at $6,500 and the DSN-4200 costs $7,600 without disks.

Iomega doesn’t sell video surveillance equipment, but partners with network camera vendor Axis. Iomega is selling StorCenter NAS devices integrated with Axis Video Hosting Systems (AVHS) in a bundle designed for video surveillance storage with onsite camera deployments. The integrated AVHS client allows customers to store video files locally at HDTV or megapixel resolution and high frame rates while supporting simultaneously streaming or batch uploading of video data to a secure off-site center. The combined products allow users to select different recording and retention policies for both on-site and off-site video files and also remote access for monitoring and configuration from any Web browser.

The AVHS Iomega StorCenter devices include four-drive and 12-drive rackmount models with the embedded AVHS client with up to 38 TB of capacity. Iomega is also selling a two-drive desktop StorCenter ix2-200 Cloud Edition NAS with up to 6 TB of storage; a four-drive StorCenter ix4-200d Cloud NAS Edition with up to 12 TB; a four-drive StorCenter px4-300d with up to 12 TB; and a six-drive px6-300d with up to 18 TB.

Iomega’s StorCenter ix2-200 Cloud Edition NAS starts at less than $250. The StorCenter ix4-200d Cloud Edition NAS starts at less than $800. The StorCenter px4-300d starts at less than $1,200 for the diskless model. StorCenter rack mount models are available in 4-drive and 12-drive configurations.

Pivot3 added it to its iSCSI SAN platform for video surveillance with the vSTAC Watch, which supports VMware Fault Tolerance and Pivot3 VM Failover options for high availability. The vSTAC Watch is an open-system appliance that runs third-party video management software. The 12 TB appliances can be stacked for greater scalability and load balancing.

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