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HDS repeats as enterprise arrays champ - page 4

Hitachi Data Systems repeats as winner in the second edition of the Diogenes Labs-Storage magazine Quality Awards for enterprise arrays.

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Products in our survey The following vendors and products were included in the 2006 Diogenes Labs-Storage magazine Quality Award survey for enterprise arrays:

  • EMC Corp. Symmetrix 3000 Series, 8000 Series,
  • DMX Series or DMX-3 Series
  • Hewlett-Packard (HP) Co. StorageWorks XP Series
  • Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Lightning 99xx V Series or TagmaStore Universal Storage Platform (USP) Series
  • IBM Corp. ESS TotalStorage ("Shark") F Series, 800 Series, 800 Turbo Series or DS8000 Series
  • Sun Microsystems Inc. StorEdge 99xx Series
  • 3PAR Inc. InServ Storage Server S400 or S800*
  • *Too few responses to be statistically relevant

    About the survey

    The Diogenes Labs-Storage magazine Quality Awards are designed to identify and recognize products that have proven their quality and reliability in actual use. The results are derived from a survey of qualified Storage readers who assessed products in five main categories: sales-force competence, product features, initial product quality, product reliability and technical support. Our methodology incorporates statistically valid polling that eliminates market share as a factor. Our objective is to identify the most reliable product on the market regardless of vendor name, reputation or size. Products are rated on a 1.0-8.0 scale, where 8.0 is the most favorable score.

    Survey respondents

    In this year's enterprise array Quality Award, we tallied 638 valid system evaluations from 371 respondents. This response rate was 24% higher than last year, and yielded a 5% margin of error with a 95% confidence factor. We noted a statistically better distribution of finalists this year, with the number of responses ranging from 138 for EMC Corp. to 32 for Sun Microsystems Inc. The largest number of responses came from the healthcare industry, followed by IT services and financial services; last year, financial services was the largest group. As with all of our earlier surveys, the majority of respondents had operationally oriented titles, with only 6.8% being senior executives (chief information officer or chief technology officer). Respondents were asked to evaluate only those systems with which they had personal experience within the last year.

    In 2006, we also extended our demographic analysis. We asked respondents to tell us how much capacity each of their systems had. From this information, we learned that more than half of IBM, Sun, HP and even HDS respondents have less than 100TB on those companies' systems. In contrast, more than half of EMC respondents had more than 100TB. Indeed, EMC had 39 respondents (28%) with more than 200TB; HDS had 16 respondents with more than 200TB vs. only single-digit respondents for HP, IBM and Sun. Seventeen percent of respondents had four arrays, but 3% reported having 17 arrays.

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