Hundreds lose data records in Iron Mountain fire

An Iron Mountain storage facility in London was completely destroyed by fire along with the records of more than 600 customers.

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Iron Mountain storage facility burns to the ground

Investigations are underway to determine the cause of the fires and why sprinkler systems failed to work. Iron Mountain spokespeople say records stored at both facilities were archived, inactive business records.

"That's not to say that the records are unimportant, but the inactive records that are moved offsite for long-term storage are less important than active business records used to run businesses," said Melissa Mahoney, director of corporate communications at Iron Mountain. "Customers keep them for long-term preservation requirements, but they are not referenced very frequently." She said there were no lawsuits that she knew of in connection with the fire.

The facility, in Bow, east London, was 126,000 sq. ft. It was a modern building, built in 2002 and fully equipped with "fire suppression systems," according to Mahoney. Iron Mountain has hired an investigation group to review its security procedures and has not ruled out suspicious activity as a cause of the blaze. The company is adding more security staff at its facilities, conducting additional reviews, and background checks on personnel and all third parties it works with.

HP buys Mercury Interactive
Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) announced this week that it will purchase Mercury Interactive Corp. for $4.5 billion. Mercury makes IT service management software that allows users to test their infrastructure when deploying new applications. It will be combined with HP's OpenView IT management software. reported in June that EMC and HP were both bidding on the company. Read that story here.

Sun ships 1,000th tape library; unveils data warehouse appliance
Sun Microsystems Inc. announced it has shipped its 1,000th SL8500 tape library since it was introduced two years ago and has shipped more than a 1,000 Sun StorageTek T10000 tape drives since March 2006.

Sun also announced it is working with Greenplum on a data warehouse appliance built from open source software and general purpose hardware. Powered by the Solaris 10 OS and PostgreSQL, the product aims to deliver significantly better price performance over the competition. It combines Sun's new "Thumper" Sun Fire X4500 data server and Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors with Greenplum's massively parallel distribution of PostgreSQL. It can analyze hundreds of terabytes of data at a better price performance than virtually any product on the market, the companies claim.

BridgeHead adds search to archive
BridgeHead Software announced the availability of a new content search capability for its HT FileStore policy-based file archiving software. HT FileStore archives data from systems across the enterprise and now indexes the text content, as well as metadata of archived files to provide improved search capabilities, it said.

JetBlue Airways expands SAN with Onaro
JetBlue Airways is using Onaro's SANscreen Foundation to meet the challenges posed by the airline's rapid growth and corresponding SAN expansion.

"We are basically ripping out every major system we've had and replacing it with newer systems that can handle the growth of the company. In the coming year alone, we anticipate our data storage needs will grow by 50% to 70%," said Glen Gambal, manager of JetBlue's data center operations. "We wanted to know where we are now, how we could budget for anticipated growth, and how we could report where we stand more effectively."

Onaro's change management software allows the company to see if there would be any major disruptions as it upgraded its SAN.

EVault offers backup services to SMBs
EVault has launched a new business continuity consulting management practice aimed at helping small and midsized businesses (SMBs) prevent and mitigate the effects of business interruptions and system outages, the company said.

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A six-story Iron Mountain Inc. warehouse in London caught fire earlier this month and completely burned to the ground, along with the paper records of more than 600 customers, the company confirmed. A second Iron Mountain facility in Ottawa was also hit by fire recently.

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