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Storage Clips: Cisco's Chambers to take on chairman's duties

Chambers vacates president position, leaving room for an "heir apparent."

Daily compilation of storage news:

Cisco's Chambers to take on chairman's duties
Cisco Systems Inc. said yesterday that CEO John T. Chambers will succeed John P. Morgridge as chairman when he steps aside Nov. 15. Morgridge, 72, will become chairman emeritus. Chambers will retain the CEO title but will no longer be president, leaving an opening for Cisco to name an "heir apparent," according to reports. The president's position is not being filled in the near future, Cisco said.

IBM announces Viper ship date
IBM said its new DB2 database, code-named Viper, will ship July 28 on Linux, Windows and Unix platforms. The Enterprise Edition will list for $36,400 per CPU or $938 per named user. The WorkGroup Edition will cost $10,000 per CPU or $350 per named user, and the Express Edition will run $4874 per CPU or $165 per named user. The prices include a year of maintenance, and user pricing assumes at least 25 users.

IBM is pushing two new storage-centric features with the new version of DB2, called cache hinting and I/O prioritizing, both of which improve response time between back-end storage and the database server. Cache hinting tells the storage what frequently accessed data to keep in cache, and I/O prioritizing tells the storage what to send back first. DB2 could also save users storage costs with its native XML capabilities. DB2 Viper will put XML objects into their own separate repository behind the database interface and search on that data without trying to force it into relational database format, meaning users will not have to keep duplicate copies of nonstructured data as well as a "shredded" copy for the database. (For more on IBM and Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) approaches to database storage, see IBM and HP at odds on database storage, April 13).

EMC to help put Kennedy library online
The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum will be using computer equipment and technical support from EMC Corp. in its massive project to post 48 million pages of documents, 400,000 photos and 1,200 hours of video archives on the Internet. The project is expected to take a decade to complete.

Qsent chooses NeoScale
NeoScale Systems Inc. announced that contact identity services provider Qsent, has selected NeoScale CryptoStor Tape appliances to encrypt data from its multiterabyte, databases. NeoScale CryptoStor Tape 700 appliances for each of its data centers. The NeoScale appliance sits in front of the tape library and compresses, encrypts and digitally authenticates data as it goes to tape. The NeoScale appliance applies NetBackup encryption policies, so that different tapes going to different locations can be encrypted using different policies with no human intervention. Data encrypted on one NeoScale CyptoStor appliance can also automatically be decrypted using another CryptoStor appliance.

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