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Storage Clips: Samsung working on Blu Ray

Samsung joined Imation in announcing its development of Blu Ray DVDs, which can store up to 25 GB on a single layer disc.

Daily compilation of storage news:

Samsung working on Blu Ray
Samsung Storage announced today that it has completed the technical development of its Blu Ray disc drives. The high-density discs offer capacity up to 25 GB on a single layer disc.

Current DVDs use the red laser (650nm) to read and write data, while Blu Ray and HD-DVD use a shorter wavelength, blue laser (405nm). As a result, the Blu Ray beam can focus more precisely, enabling it to read information recorded in pits that are only 0.16 microns long, which is more than twice as small as the pits on a red light DVD. Many storage experts feel that Blu Ray may give DVD RAM discs a place in enterprise storage archiving.

National Parks pick NTP
NTP Software announced that the National Park Service, office of the chief information officer has selected NTP Software QFS for storage resource management. NTP Software QFS helps the department achieve compliance with federal retention requirements by drilling down into specific resources being stored and how much storage is being utilized by each of more than 1,200 individual users.

Nexsan qualifies with OnStor
Nexsan announced that its ATABeast storage array has been certified for use with OnStor's 2280 NAS gateways.

Data Domain announces 250 customers
Data Domain announced that the company achieved more than 600% revenue growth in 2005 and added 90 new customers in the last four months, for a total of 250 customers worldwide with more than 800 deployments.

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