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Storage Clips: HDS plans EMC Centera competitor

According to Wall Street analysts, the company will release its own fixed-content archive product sometime this spring.

Daily compilation of storage news:

HDS plans EMC Centera competitor
According to Wall Street and industry analysts, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) is planning an archival box to rival EMC's Centera content-addressed storage (CAS) system.

A recent report by Susquehanna Financial Group LLP notes, "TagmaStores have broken into a few large EMC accounts for the first time in the December quarter. In addition, we believe HDS has plans to release a product similar to EMC's Centera that targets the high-growth fixed-content market in the March/April timeframe."

The news follows announcements last fall that an open standard was being developed for CAS, see also "Users give thumbs up to object storage standard." HDS was a member of a consortium group led by EMC and IBM ,which submitted a new standard to the Storage Networking Industry Association for object-based storage. The group, also consisted of Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) and Sun Microsystems Inc.

At least one HDS user told at a recent industry show that he was looking forward to HDS' opportunity to develop a competitive product to Centera. Brent Johnson, principal information systems engineer for Qwest Communications, told his is primarily an HDS shop, and would welcome a product from them so he could replace his Centera system.

Tape library supports disk-in-tape
Qualstar Corp., a manufacturer of automated tape storage libraries, announced that it will integrate Imation's new Ulysses disk-in-tape cartridges in some models of its tape libraries.

The Ulysses system embeds a 2.5-inch hard drive within an LTO Ultrium compatible tape cartridge shell, The Ulysses system appears just like an LTO tape drive and cartridge to the storage management program (for more on the Ulysses product, see also "Imation readies disk inside tape").

Storage Engine offers heterogeneous CDP appliance
Storage Engine Inc. announced that it has released its Synchronism Appliance with Continuous Data Replication (CDR) features. The Synchronism Appliance enables IT users to centralize large storage environments and multivendor environments.

MasterCard launches data security program
MasterCard International has launched a new initiative to combat data theft ,which will provide lower rates to online sellers who adopt MasterCard SecureCode, a program that allows cardholders to enter a security code similar to a PIN when they make online purchases. MasterCard is also offering merchants free vulnerability scans.

AmeriVault Corp. acquires Capitalbackup
Data protection services outsourcer AmeriVault Corp. data protection services, today announced they have acquired Schenectady, N.Y., based Capitalbackup, a service provider specializing in data protection and disaster recovery services. Effective today, AmeriVault will purchase the company, which includes over 200 customers, an office with employees in Schenectady and a data center in Albany, N.Y.

QLogic support 4 Gbps for Mac
QLogic Corp. introduced 4 Git Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBA) that support Mac OS X. The SANblade Pro QLA2460 Series HBAs can now be deployed with QLogic's SANbox 4 Gbit switches on an Apple system.

Meanwhile, QLogic also announced its SANblade Pro 4Gbit PCIe HBAs are shipping with HP ProLiant servers. The joint QLogic /HP product will offer overlapping protection domains; HBA failover with Linux; intelligent interleaved DMA, which detect the link rate that each target can support and transmit simultaneously, and at maximum performance to each storage device; out of order frame reassembly; and compatibility with virtual SAN tags in packets sent from a Cisco MDS switch.

Imation to release blu-ray disks
Imation Corp. announced it has begun scale-up of manufacturing for HD DVD and Blu-ray optical recordable media in preparation for product introduction in early 2006. Some storage experts predict that blu-ray DVD-RAM disks, which can hold many orders of magnitude more bits than today's red-light DVD-RAM disks, could become a force in enterprise archiving in the coming years.

Foundry Networks markets 10 GigE switches
Foundry Networks, Inc. announced two new ServerIron Layer 4-7 switches with 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) capabilities.The ServerIronGT C and E Series 10 GigE application switches include application traffic management, acceleration and security features.

MetaComm upgrades SRM tool
MetaCommunications, Inc. announced the immediate availability of Digital Storage Manager 1.5, an Intranet search and archive management system for creative workgroups. Digital Storage Manager allows users to find files, manage metadata and archive. Creative workgroups, including prepress, publishing, design, Web and photo can index their online servers andarchive files within a production environment, and automatically apply job, folder or file metadata, which can later be used to search on.

Microsoft still owns the FAT
The United States Patent & Trademark Office has declared two Microsoft patents will be allowed to stand, meaning Microsoft will still be in control of the file allocation table (FAT) file system, which is used to organize stored files on a PC hard drive, floppy disk or flash memory card.

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