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Storage Outlook 06: Automatic migration between tiers

Bob Venable of Blue Cross Blue Shield is on the lookout for a content addressable storage system, among other things, in 2006.

Bob Venable, manager of enterprise systems for Blue Cross, Blue Shield in Tennessee talks to SearchStorage about his storage plans for 2006.

SearchStorage: What's your most important storage project for 2006?

Venable: We're looking for a content addressable file system to automate data migration between tiers of storage (including tape if we can).

SearchStorage: What are the key storage trends in your industry?

Venable: Massive growth of data and increasing data security is required. Encryption of data in flight and at rest is a growing concern. We grew 120% in disk this year. Information lifecycle management (ILM) will be important for keeping and finding every e-mail and PC document; along with document policies to delete when unneeded.

SearchStorage: What do you think will be the biggest hurdles to implementing storage in the coming year?

Venable: Changing a storage model that has worked well in the past into a massive growth phase.

SearchStorage: What storage technologies are you evaluating for 2006? What looks interesting to you? Venable: We will look at continuous data protection and SAN-wide data migration and "find" capabilities.

SearchStorage: What kind of staff changes do you expect, if any, in 2006? What skills are you looking for your staff to gain?

Venable: The goal is to keep our storage staff part of the overall computing and corporate environment -- so that we are not too isolated from the ever-changing big picture.

SearchStorage: How do you see your storage utilization changing for the coming year?

Venable: It's ever-increasing. But even with metrics to show file utilization percentages, the problem is figuring out what data is really needed.

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