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Storage salaries on the rise - page 3

Are you being paid enough? Salaries in 2005 are better than last year and there's optimism that salaries in 2006 will average a modest 3% increase.

Top pay

If you were employed in the media/publishing industry by a company located in the Mid-Atlantic region, managed...

more than 500TB of storage and 21 to 50 people, possessed two storage certifications and worked in a dedicated storage group, this would be your best chance, on average, to pull in one of the biggest storage salaries.

The best paying industry in this year's salary survey was the media/publishing industry (which averaged $93,143), followed by financial services ($86,348), healthcare/pharmaceuticals ($80,417) and utilities ($80,357). The lowest average salaries were reported in education ($61,692) and construction ($64,400).

The media/publishing industry also doled out the largest raises in terms of a percentage gain (nearly 16%), followed by transportation/travel & hospitality at 12.8%. Raises in other industries didn't get out of the mid single-digits.

The biggest bonuses, however, are anticipated in the healthcare/pharmaceuticals industry. Respondents in this field expect an average of $8,236 in bonuses; they were followed by respondents in manufacturing ($7,838), financial services ($7,082) and utilities ($6,321). Anticipated bonuses in the media/publishing industry, which generally paid well in this year's survey, averaged only $2,229 vs. an overall average bonus of $5,495; this was up from an average bonus of $4,000 the year before. However, 87 of our 250 respondents received no bonus in 2005.

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