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Crash Course: Disk encryption

Disk encryption is increasingly being considered to secure data at rest, such as credit card information, social security numbers and financial information. Take this Crash Course to learn more about this popular topic now.

These days, networked storage is deployed more frequently, identity theft and personal information data loss loom in the headlines, and analysts warn that network-stored data is a major vulnerability. As a result, disk encryption has become a popular topic among storage administrators. Attaching storage to a network introduces security vulnerabilities that didn't exist with DAS, and companies are increasingly facing regulations requiring that they keep customer information private.

In the past, many organizations have focused on securing data in transit -- as it is being sent over the Internet. But today, disk encryption is increasingly being considered for data at rest, such as credit card information, social security numbers, intellectual property and financial information.

Check out this collection of expert advice, tips, columns and news to learn more about this technology and how you can protect your data.

Tech advice:

  • Securing data at rest vs. data in transit
  • Five ways to secure iSCSI
  • Encrypting backups for additional security
  • How to stop data thieves and bad habits
  • Top five security questions to ask storage vendors
  • The compliance payoffs for securing vulnerable information at rest
  • Physically secure your backups
  • Products and players:

  • IBM steps up mainframe encryption
  • SNW news preview
  • NetApp locks down Decru for $272M
  • EMC sketches out security strategy
  • Seagate, Hitachi working on disk encryption
  • Storage Clips: Seagate unveils disk encryption
  • FalconStor throws hat into encryption ring
  • Nexsan unveils affordable CAS with encryption
  • Imation readies disk inside tape
  • Users downplay storage encryption
  • Storage Clips: BakBone offers backup encryption software
  • Credit union takes no chances with data security
  • IBM refreshes mainframe storage
  • User spends over $60k on storage security for HIPAA
  • Reporter's notebook: Storage Decisions wrap-up
  • Super Bowl champs change backup strategy
  • Opinions:

  • The new vendor conundrum
  • Be prepared; get encrypted
  • Storage encryption prevents identity theft
  • Dig Deeper on Data storage management

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