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SNW news preview

Here's the scoop on the latest product introductions from Intel, EMC, Brocade, Quantum, SGI, OuterBay, Lefthand, Intransa, Index Engines and many more at SNW this week.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- If you've defied hurricane Wilma and made it to Storage Networking World (SNW) this week, there's plenty of exciting stuff to check out. If you bailed, don't worry, we'll keep you up to date right here on exactly what's going on. To kickoff, here's a snapshot of the news we were prebriefed on:

Intel steps up storage plans
Intel Corp. will uncover a backup appliance that supports up to 12 SATA drives and iSCSI connectivity aimed at small businesses. The appliance uses a Xeon processor, will include a suite of software tools and will be available from Intel channel partners. Stay tuned for more details.

EMC rolls out CDP; adds file-level encryption to Networker
Following a string of announcements from its competitors, EMC Corp. will introduce a continuous data protection (CDP) product based on software it is licensing from startup Mendocino Software. Dubbed RecoverPoint, the software lets users recover up to the instant prior to corruption or from certain points in time. EMC will also announce Legato NetWorker 7.3, which includes improvements to backup-to-disk, a new graphical user interface replacing NetWorker's infamously complicated management interface, and also file-level encryption. The new security capability is not for everyone, EMC warned, as it will hit the performance of the application. However, some users want the option to encrypt certain safe sets, according to an EMC spokesperson. "The preferred approach is still dedicated encryption appliances," he added. And lastly, as recently reported, EMC will introduce a backup reporting tool, Backup Advisor, based on an OEM agreement with WysDM Software.

Brocade unveils 256-port, 4 Gbit's director
SAN fans get ready for 4 Gbit. Brocade is unveiling the SilkWorm 4800 256-port 4 Gbps Fibre Channel (FC) director, completing its 4 Gbps product line. Anyone interested in 4 Gbit might want to check out the 4 Gbit user panel, hosted by Engenio Information Technologies on Wednesday. Brocade Communications Systems Inc. is also announcing Data Migration Manager, the newest application in its Tapestry portfolio that will move data from one array to another, and runs on the Fabric Application Platform (FAP) -- a.k.a the Rhapsody switch. Brocade's multiprotocol router, WAFS and Application Resource Manager products also work with FAP. Last but not least, a new code release to the multi-protocol router enables the product to interoperate with McData Corp. fabrics allowing users with both McData and Brocade switches to move workloads between fabrics.

HP a no-show
Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) had been planning a press conference on Tuesday, Oct. 25 that it said would feature partners Advanced Digital Information Corp., Open Text Corp. and Princeton Softech. Then at the last minute, the company pulled the plug on its plans. In an e-mail sent to journalists HP said it had cancelled its press conference and interviews, and would not be making any announcement in conjunction with SNW. The company added that it would still have its booth at the show.

Emulex gets in on server virtualization
Emulex Corp. is teaming with switch makers Brocade, Cisco Systems Inc. and McData as well as server virtualization software provider VMware Inc. at SNW to show off server virtualization using Emulex's virtualized host bus adapters (HBA)s. The demonstration features VMware along with NPIV-enabled fabric switches. The Emulex HBAs allow each operating system within a virtual server to gain access to specific and designated SAN resources. By incorporating support for the NPIV standard, Emulex's Virtual HBA technology enables server virtualization products to do SAN management, including zoning, LUN mapping and LUN masking. The HBA technology is already shipping as part of the IBM eServer zSeries mainframe server.

Quantum plows through with disk
Quantum Corp. will make a threefold announcement at SNW, including two new midrange virtual tape libraries (VTL)s that can also double as disk targets, a new disk-based backup appliance that does snapshots and replication for Windows, and a refresh to its DX30 and DX100 enterprise virtual tape systems, including capacity increase.

SGI introduces bundled NAS
"The software is where customers have told us they spend a lot of money, so we've packaged it up," said John Howarth, director of storage products for Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI), speaking about its new Altix 1330 NAS cluster, which comes packaged with NFS and CIFS, as well as a Web-based user interface. "People trying to manage multiple petabytes just laugh in your face if you give them a GUI," Howarth said. The NAS boxes start at $25,599 for a two processor 1U system with RAID and a capacity of 2.8 terabytes (TB), and go up to a four processor, 6.8 TB system for just under $60,000.

OuterBay adds 300 new features
OuterBay Technologies Inc. has added 300 new features to the latest version of its database archiving product, called Application Data Management (ADM). ADM 5.0 includes two major new products: Enterprise Edition and Compliance Edition. Enterprise Edition includes a data movement engine that moves "profound amounts of data" at high speeds, according to OuterBay's CEO Michael Howard. OuterBay's premise is that by moving less frequently used data out of production databases, users will boost the database's performance and save costs by not having old data spinning on expensive disks. The company has an impressive list of OEM partners, including HP, EMC, Sybase Inc. and NEC Corp. The Compliance Edition product includes an operational log for a complete history of all archiving activities, data integrity check and support for write one, read many devices, such as EMC's Centera. Both the Enterprise Edition and Compliance Edition of ADM will be available in the fourth quarter, 2005.

Ciena certifies with IBM, EMC
Optical switch maker, Ciena Corp. has completed testing and qualification of its Online MetroT Multiservice DWDM for IBM GDPS eServer zSeries mainframe environments. This lets users' replicate mainframe-based data at high speeds across cities. It has also been certified to work with EMC's SRDF remote replication software.

MCI sparks 3Par, AppIQ partnership
Following their separate selection by MCI Inc. as part of the telecom provider's new managed storage service, 3Par Data Inc. and AppIQ Inc. (now owned by HP) have decided to get together. At SNW, they'll announce that 3Par's tiered storage array and AppIQ's SAN and storage resource management software have been tweaked to allow better interoperability. The long and short of it is that 3Par is making an SMI-S interface and developing new application program interfaces to try to find more joint customers with AppIQ.

Availl unveils CDP for WAFS
Availl Inc. will hold a coming-out party for its new WAFS product at SNW. Availl Backup 3.0 allows continuous backup over any distance, capturing byte-level changes over the wire to minimize bandwidth, the company claims. Other new features include the ability to failback to the original server once it is operational with all data changes automatically up to date, and the ability to back up both structured and unstructured data with the same software agent.

Index Engines opens for business
Tim Williams, CEO and founder of both Tacit Networks Inc. and brand-new startup Index Engines Inc., will be demonstrating Index's newest appliance, which claims to index and compress unstructured data, and offer users a Google-like search interface for retrieval. The platform can also show properties of data, i.e., "Show all Word documents that haven't been accessed in a year." The company will also introduce a third-party software development kit allowing developers to build proprietary Information Classification Management applications.

Isilon to release clustered NAS
Isilon Systems Inc. will announce the IQStor 6000, a NAS clustering product that supports 6 TB per 2U node at $7,000 per TB. When combined with its SyncIQ replication software, the company said it can be used for disaster recovery and disk-to-disk backup. The box also features InfiniBand as its back-end cluster interconnect and Gigabit Ethernet as its front-end interface.

FalconStor supports Microsoft DPM
FalconStor Software Inc. will announce that it has designed tape backup support for Microsoft's Data Protection Manager (DPM) product. The FalconStor approach essentially takes the DPM box and breaks it into a two-tier model, with transfer to tape or e-vaulting to a remote location. FalconStor will also announce an update to its VTL software that will allow it to do tape caching, which will let its VTL take in more backup streams and queue them before writing them out to physical tapes as needed. The new software also includes the ability to encrypt the tapes.

Intransa lines up new products, partners
Intransa Inc. will be making several announcements at the show, including the appointment of its new CEO, Tom Alexander, who had been Intransa's entrepreneur in residence for some time. Intransa will also be discussing the planned introduction of its IP2000 platform, stackable storage that's the result of a partnership with Rasilient Systems Inc., and will ship in January. The product will include virtualization software, higher logical volume sizes and heterogeneous iSCSI storage management. Finally, Intransa will announce a co-development agreement with Huawei-3Com (H3C) in China, working with the conglomerate, a partnership between Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer Huawei and American network equipment provider 3Com Corp., on future networking products.

LeftHand partners with HP
LeftHand Networks Inc. will unveil a partnership with HP that will integrate its SAN/iQ software into HP's Proliant DL380-based iSCSI SANs. The startup has also joined Intel's storage community, a channel program for companies using Intel hardware to build SANs and a partnership with MPC to integrate SAN/iQ for the DataFrame 140 iSCSI SAN. LeftHand will also announce the availability of two new iSCSI SAN products, the NSM 160 and 260, the latter built using software from Xyratex. The NSM 160 holds up to 2 TB per box, depending on whether the customer selects 250 GB or 500 GB SATA drives. The 260 holds between 3-6 TB. The company claims the boxes can work with any platform to form a heterogeneous cluster.

Overland takes a shot at primary storage
Overland Storage will launch Ultamus, a backup appliance meant to be a primary box to go along with Overland's secondary REO and archiver NEO. The Ultamus connects FC and iSCSI, and includes thin provisioning, snapshots, local or remote replication, encryption, change-block replication and virtualization within a 4 TB raw module that expands up to 28 usable TB with RAID-5.

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