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Storage Clips: EMC high-end Clariion sales disappointing

Despite a strong quarter, EMC's high-end Clariion sales were down, the company said.

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EMC high-end Clariion sales disappointing
Despite a strong quarter in which it reported revenues of $2.37 billion, up 17% from the same period a year ago, EMC's high-end Clariion sales were down, the company said. Sales of the CX500s and CX700s "were not up to EMC [Corp.]'s execution standards … they were a bit disappointing," said EMC CEO Joe Tucci, on a conference call with press and analysts.

Overall total Clariion sales of $425 million were up 20% year over year. "We saw better relative strength of the smaller Clariions," Tucci said. The new Clariion systems were introduced later in the quarter than EMC anticipated. Symmetrix DMX sales were also down, 2% year over year, which Tucci attributed to customers taking longer to evaluate the product. With two major product lines down year over year, EMC still grew 17% Tucci noted. VMWare sales, up 67% against last year bringing in $101 million this past quarter, is propping EMC up nicely, analysts said. Multi-platform software in general brought in $276 million, up 15% in the quarter.

Nexsan releases MAID array
Nexsan Technologies introduced SATABeast, a SATA version of its ATABeast, which features improved cooling mechanisms and higher density, and adds a dual RAID engine.

The box may be Nexsan's lower end answer to the massive array of idle disks (MAID) form developed by Copan Systems. The SATABeast holds 21 terabytes (TB) uncompressed in 4U, as opposed to the 224 TB available in Copan's Revolution 220T. Nexsan's MAID feature allows users to either put drives into "dormant" mode, down to 4000 RPM from 7200 RPM, or to turn them completely off. Another feature of the box checks bits on the disks periodically, somewhat similar to Copan's "disk aerobics."

3 Par supports VMware
3 Par Data Inc. announced the integration of the 3 Par InServ Storage Server and 3 Par Dynamic Optimization with VMware ESX Server and VMotion that allows for the online, nondisruptive optimization of data service levels.

Broadcom demonstrates SAS/SATA RAID
Broadcom will be demonstrating its RAIDCore PCI Express serial-attached SCSI (SAS) and SATA RAID controllers at the D&H West Coast Expo next week.

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