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Vendor satisfaction survey: Midrange NAS

Find out which vendor ranked No. 1 in our survey on midrange NAS products.

Last month, we surveyed more than 120 storage professionals about the midrange NAS products they were using.

In order to create the survey, we spoke to a handful of NAS experts who helped identify the leading midrange NAS vendors. We also defined the midrange category as the following: Falls in the 10-50TB range; costs more than $25K; are standalone boxes (not clustered, grid, etc.); includes some advanced software; does not include BlueArc high-performance mega boxes; does not include Nexsan low-end SATA arrays. Note that this is not an exact science and is our interpretation based on conversations with storage experts.

Here are the vendors/products we included in our survey in order of how they ranked in overall user satisfaction. This list is not inclusive of all the products that are out there, but rather represents a group of the leading vendors in the identified space. We've also included highlights relevant to each product/vendor and links to the vendors' product pages.

No. 1: NetApp's FAS900 series

No. 2: Sun's StorEdge 5310

No. 3: HP's Proliant Storage Server NAS DL585

No. 4: EMC's Celerra NS series

No. 5: Adaptec's Snap Server 18000

No. 6: Procom Technology's NetForce 4000 series

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