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Storage Clips: Nexsan launches SATA disk array

Nexsan has upgraded its ATABoy disk array to a SATABoy, adding active/active controllers, a high-performance cache mirroring ASIC and SATA II drives for $3,000 per TB.

Daily compilation of storage news:

Nexsan introduces SATA disk array
Nexsan Technologies announced its SATABoy, a serial version of its ATABoy disk drives. According to the company, the product uses SATA II technology, dual RAID engines, a high-performance cache mirroring ASIC and 4-port active/active failover, and is over twice as fast as its previous ATA product. SATABoy costs $3,000 per terabyte (TB).

Independence Air replaces DAS for IP SAN
Network Appliance Inc. (NetApp) today announced that Independence Air Inc. has used NetApp storage systems and IP SAN products to replace its legacy frame array and DAS. The company will use NetApp storage for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server databases and a 4,000 mailbox Microsoft Exchange 2003 system. The airline uses NetApp SnapManager software for Exchange and Single Mailbox Recovery functionality for e-mail backup and recovery.

Interwoven integrates with EMC, NetApp, Sun
Interwoven Inc. announced that it is partnering with EMC, NetApp and Sun Microsystems Inc. to distribute its Collaborative Document Management and Content Provisioning products with the storage players' hardware. Interwoven's WorkSite MP software will be integrated with the EMC Centera content-addressed storage system and disk-based write once, read many storage medium. Interwoven has also integrated its Content Provisioning product with: NetApp's NearStore and SnapLock; Sun's Content Infrastructure System; and IBM DR-550.

OnStor unveils channel program
OnStor Inc. announced a new channel program for resellers, claiming that its NAS gateway, the emergence of affordable SATA storage systems and tiered storage will let new players into the market. OnStor said its technology will allow VARs to sell mixed, high-end storage as well as low-cost ATA/SATA storage. OnStor NAS gateways allow the consolidation of storage from multiple Windows, Linux and UNIX storage servers from 1 TB to 40,000 TBs of capacity.

EMC Dantz qualifies Breece Hill for D2D2T
EMC Dantz has qualified Breece Hill Inc.'s iStoRA server as an integrated platform with EMC Dantz Retrospect backup software. The iStoRA will allow disk-to-disk-to-tape data protection for Macintosh, Windows and LINUX environments.

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