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Storage Clips: DataCore tested with server virtualization

DataCore hooks up to VMWare and Microsoft Virtual Server; Maxell claims tape capacity breakthrough; LiveOffice launches e-mail search software.

Daily compilation of storage news:

DataCore tested with server virtualization TPI Technologies, a consumer-focused storage testing laboratory, announced that it has completed a test matching DataCore Software's SANmelody 2.0 software with EMC VMWare GSX Server 3.0 and Microsoft Virtual Server 2005. According to TPI CEO Jeremy Evans, the integration of DataCore's SANmelody storage virtualization solution with the two leading server virtualization products in the market today, has potential to simplify the management and provisioning of IT resources to applications running in small and midsized enterprises.

Maxell claims tape capacity breakthrough Maxell Corporation of America has completed the development of NeoSMART, which it claims will provide tape media storage capacities of 10 terabytes per cartridge and beyond. The company said it achieves this through: smaller, spherical-shaped magnetic particles that are 5,000 times thinner than a human hair, ultra-thin coating, advanced particle dispersion, highly precise "slitting" or edge cutting, superior calendering or smoothing, improved servo track writing and heavy-duty cartridge design.

LiveOffice launches e-mail search software LiveOffice Corp. announced the release of Global Power Search (GPS) technology designed to assist organizations to quickly and easily produce archived e-mails and instant messages during internal and regulatory audits, as well as litigation requests. The company claims GPS technology reduces operational costs and expedites retrieval time by allowing users to conduct full text searches and immediately download specific search results in PST or EML format to nonrewritable media, including DVDs and CDs.

Meditech, BridgeHead deploy serverless backup Medical Information Technology Inc. (Meditech) a health care information system vendor and BridgeHead Software, a developer of backup software for health care, announced the release of Integrated Serverless Backup (ISB) and Integrated Disaster Recovery for Meditech's environment. ISB lets users take advantage of SAN snapshot capabilities by creating static, point-in-time images of the entire Meditech environment.


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The only problem with a 10-TB cartridge is you're that much more screwed if something goes wrong with it. What's the MTBF?