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Storage Clips: CAS vendors form club

EMC, HP, Sun, Permabit build a site to centralize resources for educating users on CAS products.

Daily compilation of storage news:

CAS vendors form club
Content-addressed storage vendors, EMC Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co., Sun Microsystems Inc., Permabit Inc. and analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group have formed an online community to try and foster dialogue, broaden market awareness and educate customers on the issues and importance of long-term storage of fixed content. The site can be reached here.

Hospital picks BridgeHead backup
Galway Clinic, a new hospital, has selected BridgeHead Software Ltd.'s HyperTape backup technology to perform automated backup and restore for its central health care information system, and picture archiving and communications system.

Texas Memory Systems offers redundant RAM
Texas Memory Systems Inc. announced the availability of redundant RAM ("RAID-ed" memory) technology for its RamSan-325 solid-state disk systems. The IBM Chipkill-based technology helps Texas Memory Systems protect database and other business critical applications from serious multi-bit errors that can cause data corruption and unscheduled system downtime.

Standard error correcting code implementations correct single-bit errors but cannot correct the multi-bit errors that can result in data integrity issues. Chipkill technology is an order of magnitude more reliable because it allows a memory system to correct a multi-bit failure up to, and including, a total chip failure, the company claims.

Bus-Tech improves controller
Bus-Tech Inc. announced enhancements to its tape-on-disk controller with the release of Mainframe Appliance for Storage (MAS) 2.0. This release of the MAS offers an up-to-date operating system and re-engineered tape-on-disk application software offering enhanced reliability and increased performance.

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